7 Best Bike For Wheelies Available in 2022

Learning new tricks and performing them on your bike can be challenging. Some people need to gain the skills and the right bike. The best wheelies are designed to enable you to do the perfect wheelie. You might be curious why the best wheelie bike is needed.

There are many different bikes on the market today, and choosing the right bike for your needs will go a long way. Mountain bikes can perform rear-wheeled riding, but BMX bikes are some of the best to ensure you can complete the best forks. That’s why we won’t be including mountain bikes in this review. You can read a review of the best mountain bike for willy-nilly in this article.

Quick Choice Best Bike For Wheelies

For those who want to spend less time researching piles of articles and comparing many bikes, we will immediately draw your attention to the best bike for wheelies. This bike is – Mongoose Legion. This bike there are two versions – for adults and children. Choose the right one for you:

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We also selected three of the best bikes for wheelies for quick selection and purchase:

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#1 Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

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The Hi-Ten steel frame makes this bike stand out among the top best bicycles for wheelies. This bike’s high-tensile steel frame gives it the strength to withstand months of heavy use. The steel frame allows it to withstand pressure while maintaining its original form.

This bike’s wheels are made of the aluminum mag and are shiny. It will be a striking sight that will draw attention to everyone at the park. You can do many stunts with your bike because of its strength. This model is highly durable, thanks to the sealed bearings.

You get four freestyle pegs to allow you to do your tricks safely and comfortably. It also features a cable detangler, enabling you to perform perfect handlebar spins. These are just a few features that allow you to do tricks and maneuvers on your bike. However, there are a few safety features included in this model. The alloy caliper brake and rear u-brake allow you to bring your bike to an abrupt halt.

  • Steel frame
  • Robust, shiny wheels
  • Wear-resistant
  • Cable detangler allows 360deg movement
  • Four freestyle pegs
  • Caliper brakes and U-brakes
  • The brakes must be adjusted

#2 Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator Cruiser BMX Bike

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Schwinn used high-grade steel for the frame of this bike. This will give you a sturdy model that can be used for wheelies and other tricks. The bike’s sturdy frame is strong and will not bend under the weight.

This bike lacks the Schwinn suspension fork, which absorbs almost every shock from the bumpy trails and guarantees a smooth and pleasing experience for the rider. This is something to keep in mind when buying this bike.

It comes with 20-inch tires, which are solid and durable. They have an excellent grip and will prevent any slippage. Its already sturdy frame is strengthened by aluminum rims (It is not double wall alloy rims), which ensure that it will last many years without rusting. This bike has a unique feature: it comes with pedals with a special trapping design that gives your shoes an excellent grip. It works flawlessly with the single rear brake caliper.

A tubular crankset wraps the bike chain around it. This will allow for high speeds and ensure the chain doesn’t fall off. It has many useful features and features that provide comfort and convenience. The seat post is designed to provide a comfortable ride. The handles are equipped with thick wrapping pads to give you a secure grip on the bike.

  • Steel frame
  • High-quality tires
  • Aluminum rims provide extra strength
  • Post for a comfortable seat
  • Durable bike
  • This product is suitable for both adults and children
  • It is not easy to get a seat cushion

#3 Elite BMX Bicycle 20″ & 16″ Freestyle Bike

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This BMX bike is ideal for wheelies and taking it for a spin in the park. This bike is stable on any surface, dirt, or smooth. They are 2.5 inches wide and have an excellent grip.

This model’s body is made from Hi-tensile Steel, which has exceptional strength. It can hold high weights for hours without breaking or bending. Due to the construction material, this model has high durability. To increase its power, the whole frame has been reinforced with welds.

The handles are padded to increase comfort and convenience. The padding provides more control and grip while protecting your hands from bruising. Pegs on the front and back are a great addition, as they can be used for tricks and wheelies. This model’s striking black color is sure to grab attention!

  • This product is suitable for both children and adults
  • The frame is sturdy
  • Extra-strong tires with excellent grip
  • Padded handles
  • Set of front and back pegs
  • Tires don’t arrive inflated

#4 BELSIZE 20-Inch Belt-Drive Kid’s Bike

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The bike’s construction is a critical factor in choosing great bikes. How easy the cycle is to use will depend on the construction. The BELSIZE 20 Inch Belt-Drive Kid’s Bike is one of the best options. It features complete aluminum construction, which should help keep the weight down.

You can be sure that the bike has a well-balanced weight distribution, with a lot of emphasis on its rear. Relying on the bike’s rear, you should be capable of pulling it back and lifting the front. This will allow you to lift the front wheel and make it easier to wheel the bike.

The BELSIZE 20 Inch Belt-Drive Kid’s Bike may only be for some. The bike is well-built and features a drivetrain that can help kids get used to larger bikes. It is a top-rated wheelie bike for kids and provides parents with security.

  • Great weight distribution
  • Easy to wheelie
  • Ideal for kids
  • Great for beginners
  • Not for adults

#5 Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike

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Fat tire bikes are popular because they offer durability and allow you to travel through various terrains. Finding the right fat bike can be challenging.

Finding the correct fat tire mountain bike with the Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike is possible. This particular bike has a low-profile design which should make it easier.

This bike is among the heaviest on the market and will require some strength to lift. Most of the bike’s weight is in the rear, making it easier to do a wheelie if needed. The bike is versatile because of its durable, wide tires that can withstand all terrains.Bike uses linear pull brakes, which have levers that are easy to reach regardless of the position of the kid.

This bike might only be for some people who want to do a wheelie. The bike’s design and durability should be in your favor. You should find it easier to do stunts if you have control of the bike. The bike can be used on all terrains, so we recommend it.

  • Durable construction
  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • Low center of gravity
  • Versatile design
  • Heavy

#6 Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike

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Cool is the Youth Nitrus BMX Bike.

However, We must admit that this bike attracted me first to the brand.

As a child, we had always wanted a Diamondback bicycle. We were so excited when we saw the bike.

Although it’s intended for youth, children and adults can also enjoy the benefits of this bike.

This bike is a good BMX bike for children who have outgrown their training wheels and want to improve their skills.

For whom is the Youth Nitrus BMX Bike?

The naming of the Youth Nitrus BMX Freestyle Bike aptly reflects who this bike is intended for: youth and younger riders.

This is ideal for those who have mastered the basics of BMX riding and are ready to move on to the next level.

It bridges the gap between starter and true freestyle bikes.

It offers seamless transitions without adding unnecessary accessories and features that could otherwise increase the price.

It combines the high-end components of high-end bikes at a lower price, at $200-$300.

Overview of Features


Youth Nitrus BMX Bike is a top-quality bike that blows away its competition.

It is well-built and has a solid construction. Its quality is comparable to Redline BMX bikes, between $250 and $300.

It looks great, and many people have asked me where we bought it.

Durable Frame

Youth Nitrus BMX Bike: This bike is ideal for riding on rough terrains.

It would be great for grinding or huge dirt jumps. But the Hi-Ten steel is strong enough to handle the occasional jumps and tricks.

The durable frame can withstand repeated abuse when controlled by an adult or a child.

We have dished out harsh punishments on this bicycle, including doing flips and wheelies and roughing it up on curbs.

Some of my falls were so severe that they would have caused damage to other bikes in the same class.

But, the bike has rewarded me with more safety and strength.

It’s been with me for many seasons, and we don’t think it will ever wear out.

It is as good as new, and we’re happy with all it offers.


Although we don’t usually care much about the graphics of a bike, this one caught my attention.

My son is now the envy of the neighbourhood. His bike is not only beautiful, but it’s all BMX riders would want.

It’s flashy, but it still has the right amount of sophistication to make it look mature. This is something my son would adopt, even as a teenager.


Youth Nitrus BMX Bike looks nice and performs well compared to other performance-oriented options.

Although it is heavier than regular freestyle bikes, beginners will find it easier to balance.

Youth Nitrus BMX Bike’s drivetrain has a basic design but is still made with the same components as higher-end Diamondback bikes.

It is a great pedalling system that provides excellent efficiency and requires less maintenance.

Liner brakes are also straightforward. It was simple, but it brought me to a complete halt.

It’s also positioned at the rear rather than the front. Although it may seem insignificant, this is a great way for beginners to avoid making a rookie error and going over the handlebars.

It is also very impressive and ideal for light off-roading and on-road driving.

Although the 20-inch tires are standard for BMX bikes, they are thicker and provide excellent traction and shock absorption.


The Youth Nitrus BMX Bike is easy to set up if you have experience with a bike.

It is super easy to assemble, and the instructions are very simple.

The Youth Nitrus BMX Bike looks great for teens just starting to learn about BMX freestyling.

Although the bike has no groundbreaking features, it has all the essential components that amateurs will need to learn the trade.

Consider changing the handlebar and tube if you plan to buy this bike.

  • Fork and frame made of durable steel
  • Ideal for transitioning from freestyle riding to training wheels
  • Great value- best BMX freestyle bike
  • Rear brake
  • It’s pretty basic

#7 Elite BMX Stealth and Peewee Model

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The Elite BMX Stealth is a great entry-level BMX bike for riders looking for a low-cost option. It is made of steel and has a U-brake. Users may not find the U-brake as responsive as they would like. It is perfect for learning simple tricks such as wheelies. One tester discovered the bike was broken when they tried bunny hop. This is not a good idea. The pedals and the seat also had issues for testers. Although no instructions or tools were needed to put together the Stealth, it was easy to assemble. The Stealth is ideal for dirt and paved surfaces, thanks to its 2.5-inch tires. This bike is excellent for children, but beginners can also use it.

  • The Elite BMX Stealth is an affordable freestyle bike.
  • Pegs are included for entry-level tricks.
  • Eight color options allow users to choose a vibrant or subtle tone for their bike, depending on their preferences.
  • Wide 2.5″ tires perform well on dirt or pavement.
  • Many users agree the bike is best for children. Adults and teenagers can use it as well.
  • Most test riders found the bike easy to assemble. One user reported their teen was even able to make it themselves.
  • The U-brake on the bike is not the highest quality or most responsive.
  • The Stealth broke when one user was perfecting their bunny hop. They do not recommend practicing this move on it.
  • Users found parts were missing or damaged upon arrival.
  • Tools are required for assembly. They are omitted.

How to do a wheelie on a bicycle

It is rewarding and enjoyable to master a wheelie. A wheelie is a difficult skill to master on a bicycle. Riders must do many things simultaneously. You can learn how to ride a bike wheelie with effort and perseverance.

There are two types of wheelies – front wheelies and back wheelies. A front wheelie involves lifting the front wheel off the ground, while a back wheel involves lifting the rear wheel off the ground.

Start by changing to a lower gear. You can accelerate quickly, but you should sit straight up and lock your arms. This will immediately raise your front tire from the ground. Refrain from leaning forward on the handlebars, as the purpose of a wheelie to boost your front tire in the air is to keep it there.

This maneuver can be practiced to help you lift your front tire off of the ground. However, it will make it more challenging to balance your back tire. While it will feel uncomfortable, you can keep your bike moving by pulling the back brake.

The next step is to learn how to avoid falling to the sides. The next step is to learn how to use your knees, handlebars, and counterweights. This is the hardest part of mastering a great wheelie. It takes patience and dedication.

You’ll soon be able to ride a bike easily if you take the time to learn each technique. Eventually, you will achieve a smooth ride, even on one wheel!

Most Important Features To Look For In The Best Wheelie Bikes

Having the correct bike to minimize damage to your bike or yourself while doing wheelies is essential.

Now, we will discuss the characteristics that an excellent bike for wheelies should possess.

The bike frame and material

The best bike for wheelies is smaller and lighter, which makes it easy to move. Wheelies are all about your ability to maneuver and control your bike. It would help if you chose a lightweight bike that’s not too bulky or heavy.

We recommend BMX and mountain bikes because of their small frames and ease of maneuverability.

Also, your bike should be sturdy and durable. You are putting your entire weight on the back of your bike when you do a wheelie. This means that the bike’s rear carries your total weight.

Aluminum frame

Your bike could be bent if it needs to be stronger. It’s essential to choose a durable, lightweight material. An aluminum frame would be a good choice.

Steel Frame

Steel can also be a great option, but steel frames are heavier than aluminum frames. This should be fine if you’re looking at BMX bikes. They have small structures. Even though they are made from steel, they tend to be lightweight.

Bike Tires

A wheelie bike’s tire is an essential component. Tires should also be durable due to the same reason as above. The rear tire is the one that will carry the brunt weight of the wheelie rider so it shouldn’t need to give out.

You will need to balance on one wheel, so the tire must also have a good grip. Tires with a poor grip can cause you to lose your balance and slip.

You will have a more stable ride if you use extra grippy tires that offer decent traction. The tread pattern of the tires is an excellent way to verify. Knobby bike tires provide the best traction and are often used on trails.

It’s best to choose wide tires for balance reasons.

Braking System

You should be able de-accelerate quickly when you’re doing wheelies. A bike with a robust braking system is crucial.

The front and rear brakes are affected, but it is worth noting that the rear brake plays a more significant role in a wheelie.

There are two types of brakes on bikes: disc and rim. Disc brakes have a greater stopping power than rim brakes. They are, therefore, better suited for wheelies.

There is a need for a good rear brake setup, and there is a good choice of handlebar brakes. If you have a bike with easy-to-use rear brakes, you can practice with a wheelie.

Hydraulic disc brakes outperform the mechanical and hydraulic subtypes when stopping quickly and efficiently. We recommend hydraulic disc brakes to replace mechanical disc brakes.

High-Quality Components

If you plan to do wheelies, investing in a high-quality bike with quality components is a good idea.

This is because your bike will be more vulnerable to damage as the rear carries more weight than the front while you do a wheelie.

It is essential to use high-quality components that will not easily break or wear down. This could include, among other things, the rear derailleur and wheels, tires, seat posts, saddle, and tires.

Thus, the rear part has to be sturdy enough to handle the weight. These parts include the rear wheel and tire, the rear derailleur, the crank and the seat post. Braking System A bike for wheelies should have quality braking system, both for the front and rear wheels. When you want to finish a wheelie, your rear wheel has to stop or roll slower.

Adjustable seat and handlebar

It would help if you chose the right height handlebar and seat for your wheelie.

Wheelies are done at a lower height than casual riding. The handlebar should also be higher than the Seatpost. You will need an adjustable handlebar and seat on your wheelie bicycle to make these adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you wheelie on a large bike?

First, lower the seat. This will help you balance and keep you in the center of gravity. Start to shift at a medium or low speed. Pull your body up to the handlebars and crouch your upper body. Then, move the cranks to the 11:00 position. Now, you need to pedal down simultaneously. Do not turn backward, but trust your rear brake.

Is the wheelie a danger to the bicycle?

You can inflict damage to your bike and joints if you ride on a regular bicycle. The best bike for wheelies is the one that I recommend (check out my list).

How can I improve my skills in driving?

First, get a bike for wheelies. Second, make friends with people who practice or ride off-road.

How can you do a wheelie with a bike that doesn’t have gears?

Without gears, it is dangerous to ride a bicycle. You can control your speed with bags. You can have a fantastic wheelie experience by shifting the gear.

Are wheelies a danger to your mountain bike?

Your building quality, frame material, rims, and disc brakes will all affect the extent of the damage. Aluminum is more durable than steel, but it’s cheaper. Mountain bikes can be damaged by rims, which are not designed for wet or muddy conditions.

Mountain bikes Mountain biking is an activity where people ride off-road trails using specially designed mountain bikes. These bikes are built differently compared to road bikes. They feature wider tires which allow riders to go over rough terrain easily. This makes them ideal for trail riding as they provide better traction when going downhill. There are two kinds of mountain bikers: freeride and enduro. Freeriders prefer fast-paced rides, whereas enduro riders like longer-distance trips.

That’s why you should choose a durable mountain bike, for example – Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike or Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike. We published a review of the best mountain bikes here.

How do I maintain my bike?

Basically, you have to maintain it just like a normal bike. However, we recommend that you read this bicycle maintenance guide. It is comprehensive and complete.

Conclusion and Our Verdict

We hope you find this article helpful in choosing the right bike to do wheelies. While we have listed the top bikes available for wheelies, it is up to you as a rider to decide your preferences.

The Mongoose Legion BMX is our top choice.

[amazon box=”B01LVXNPK7″]

It has a sturdy Hi-ten steel frame which is lightweight, durable, and easy to move due to its small size. It also has tires that are wide enough to allow for balanced wheelies and grip the ground. You can check out this BMX bike on Amazon if you love it as much as us.

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