9 Best Peloton Bike Cover In 2022

Peloton bike cover is a must-have accessory for indoor bikes. Peloton bike can be used indoors and in any other harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately, even indoors, bikes can still face challenges. It can be prone to dirt, dust, and water from cleaning the room.

How do you choose the right protective cover for your Peloton? We are here to help you choose the best protective covers. They all fit perfectly on the exercise bikes, which is the best part about the deal.

What Is The Best Peloton Bike Cover?

This resulted from hours of research into the best exercise mat for Peloton. The Protective Indoor/Outdoor cover for Peloton Bike is the best overall for all purposes.

The Protective Cover for Peloton Bike, also known as the Eco-friendly cover, is the best utility bike cover. This is a top-rated bike cover for Peloton.

If you are looking for a simple, budget-friendly bike cover, the Mr. You Exercise Bike Cover is the best choice. The Mr. You Exercise Bicycle Cover is a good choice to protect your bike.

This Peloton Bike Covers Review will look at eight protective covers that exercise bikes needed in 2020. We sorted the eight best peloton bike covers based on rigorous research.

1. Mr.You Exercise Bicycle Cover

Mr.You Exercise Bicycle Cover

The 22.8″ * 48.8″ * 46″ size is big enough to cover your peloton bicycle. It is made from a biodegradable fabric that is good for the environment.

A silver lining dominates the inner side. This makes it possible for the cover to retain its shape longer. Side-stitching is used with interior-bound seams to provide a strong build quality. An elastic cord can be conveniently included at the edges to ensure that your cover remains on in windy conditions. Close it up with a pair of drawstrings to ensure a snug fit.

The company is so confident in its product that it offers a five-year limited warranty for all orders.


  • Large
  • Great design
  • Premium finish
  • Limited Warranty for 5 Years
  • Thickened eco-friendly fabric
  • It’s easy to get on the Peloton bicycle


  • Limited color options

2. Equip, Inc. Upright Stationary Bicycle Protective Cover

Equip, Inc. Upright Stationary Bicycle Protective Cover

The 59 “*23’*53” cover can be applied and removed quickly. The zipper at the side allows it to open to the bottom. This can also be useful for putting on the cover. You don’t have to move your bike. You can tighten the drawstrings after you apply them. For a better fit, additional drawstrings can be included in the bottom.

 Equip supplies with indoor exercise equipment covers to protect fitness equipment from dust, debris, pets, and outdoor covers to protect your exercise equipment from the elements, mold, and mildew. Equip offers custom bike fitness covers for indoor and outdoor use to protect any model or size of stationary bike. Equip covers are perfect for protecting any piece of fitness equipment.

Both the lower front and back ends have strong lock holes. These lock holes add an extra layer to your bike’s security. The whole unit is made from water-resistant, heavy-duty fabric. This protects against heat waves, ultraviolet radiation, and dust.


  • Large
  • Simple to use
  • Three colors
  • High-quality material
  • No-risk guarantee


  • Only available in one size

3. Mini Lustrous

Mini Lustrous


Once you purchase a Peloton bike, this is most likely the first and the last time you purchase one because the bike’s durability is guaranteed. For this reason, this bike cover is constructed with heavy-duty material and high-quality stitching, hence matching the bike’s durability.

Combining a 210D Oxford fabric with a sliver PA coating, the bike is impervious to any type of weather. It protects the bike from water, dust, and household elements and pets, children, and pets.

The cover also features high-density stitching and interior seams, which increase durability. The design is UV resistant, preventing sun damage, especially when the bike faces a window.

The cover has a hem cord and a toggle to adjust to keep it in place. The easiest way to clean the cover is to hose it off with water and simply dry it. These dimensions are 49x23x58 inches and can cover a variety of exercise bikes, including the Peloton.


  • Durable bike cover.
  • Guaranteed UV radiation resistance
  • Strong, holds its position even in windy conditions.


  • You will not be disappointed if you make a mistake in measuring. One slightly larger than your bike’s exact measurements will be required.

4. W&G International – Outdoor Exercise Bike Covers

W&G International - Outdoor Exercise Bike Covers


When looking for a bike cover that you will easily get on and off your Peloton, consider this Oxford material bike cover. The installation and removal are so easy that you won’t believe them. The cover protects the bike from wind, water, and sunlight. The cover will also protect the bike from sunlight and wind, so pets and children won’t be attracted to it.

The cover also protects your bike from wind and other elements, making it easier to clean. The bike cover is stored in a drawstring bag to be easily stored away when not in use. The bag is handy for transporting the cover to another place. This cover measures 48 by 23 by 56 inches. It is ideal for Peloton.


  • It will be easy to install the bike.
  • It completely covers the bike, making it easier to clean and preventing damage.
  • Perfect sizing for a peloton bike.
  • For easy transportation and storage, it comes in a cute drawstring bag.


  • Although the covers are thinner than others, the performance more than makes up for it.

5. OwlGlass Cover For Exercise Bike

OwlGlass Cover For Exercise Bike

This bike cover is designed with a peloton bike in mind, hence the perfect option for the bike. It is oversized, with the sole reason of accommodating even the touchscreen of your peloton bike.

The bike cover also has a drawstring that secures the bike under it. The bike cover is also packaged in a PVC bag with a zipper to be stored when not in use. The cover is also easy to set up and remove from the bike. This is a great way to show that you value your time.

The bike cover protects the bike against pets and children from putting their fingers on it. The bike will not be affected by sunlight, wind, or water if the cover is properly covered.


  • This is a large enough size to protect the touchscreen and cover all parts of the wheels.
  • Protects your bike from pets and children, and other harsh elements.
  • It makes it easier to clean the bike.
  • It is easy to adjust the bike using a drawstring to stay in place.


  • This cover is so large that it may prove more difficult to install than other covers.

6. RIAYOOE Waterproof Bike Cover

RIAYOOE Waterproof Bike Cover

Specifically made for the peloton bike, this cover will fit your Peloton. The unique part about it is that it features a lock catch to have an easy time fixing it. Moreover, after fixing it, be sure that it will remain in position, regardless of kids trying to play around.

The cover is high-quality PE material that repels dirt, moisture, and sunlight.

The installation is simple and flawless.

The cover is also available in a fashionable organizer bag that can store your cover.


  • It fits the bike perfectly and attaches securely with lock catches.
  • For top-quality performance, quality and durability are key.
  • Includes an organizer bag.
  • It is easy to mount onto your bike.


  • Although it doesn’t retain the same shape as the photo, the performance is outstanding.

7. Wassers Protective Cover For Exercise Bikes


When covering your bike in this cover, no one will guess that you bought the two separately. The cover, which has dimensions of 55 by 23.6 inches and in varying heights for a fitting outlook, brings a cute outlook of the whole equipment. Also, the lock catches enhance the outlook since you will tighten to bring out an ideal secure fit.

The cover is made from PE material that is both waterproof and sun-rays protected. The cover protects the bike against pets and kids who may find it entertaining to pull and scratch parts of the bike.

The cover is also easy to install due to its fit, and the lock catches aid in installation.

You can organize the cover with the drawstring and transport it when needed.


  • The design is perfectly suited for the peloton bicycle.
  • Protective material for children, including water and harmful rays.
  • Installation is simple.
  • Additional storage bags are available.


  • It is great for windy days, but overall, it does a great job.

8. Team Obsidian Bike Cover

TeamObsidian Bike Cover


This unit is designed to ensure the integrity of your peloton bicycle. A reflective line is placed symmetrically on the upper edge to ensure visibility. The front corner has twin loops. This allows for quick and easy removal of the cover.

Both the front and back cover include two silver-coated lock holes pairs. These can be used to secure the bike. For a snug fit, a pair of drawstrings are also provided. There are two types of cover: stationary and transport. All orders come standard equipped with a 2-year warranty.


  • Simple to use
  • High security
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Large size options
  • Excellent build quality
  • Rugged construction


  • Available only in black

9. YardStash Waterproof Bike Cover


The exterior of this cover is a striking mix of forest and luminous. It comes in three sizes: extra-large, large, and double large. This can accommodate up to one Peloton bicycle. You can store other bikes with your Peloton bike. The build quality overall is excellent.

This can be attributed to the high-quality oxford fabric. The material uses square, stashed polyester blocks. They are interwoven so that a tear cannot proceed beyond the affected box.

This results in a durable cover that can withstand all kinds of damage, including mold protection and water. This same polyester is also certified as 210D Ultraviolet or 600D heat shield. For extra security, the upper side has an additional lining. All orders come standard with a 3-year warranty.


  • No cost carrying bag
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • High UV protection
  • Excellent heat protection
  • Comfortable drawstring for a snug fit


  • One-color option

Peloton Bike Cover Buyers’ Guide

All standards agree that the Peloton bike makes a great investment. This equipment can be placed anywhere in your home, depending on the context.

External and internal environmental factors can slow or speed up the risk of bike damage. The peloton bike cover is the solution. This cover is a universal solution that can be used to protect your investment. There are thousands of online bike covers vendors, so choosing which one you want to purchase can be hard.

This section will discuss key points to help you get the best deal possible for every dollar spent on your purchase. The right bike cover can be as important as the right cardio equipment. Before you spend your hard-earned money on stationary bike covers, consider the following:

  1. Price

Peloton bike covers are meant to be a one-time investment. Quality over price is a must. You should choose the right type of protection to protect your equipment for the longest time. The following sections will discuss general quality control points such as the type of material and construction quality.

You may still be able to take advantage of the affordable prices for high-quality covers for your bike. This is due to the fierce competition that has driven down prices. Remember that you usually get what you pay. Cheap covers may be better as they might not last for long.

  1. Material

Peloton bike covers and other products can have any number of designs. The type of material used for the cover will determine its durability and performance. Peloton bike covers can be made from various materials, including nylon, leather, and tent. Each has both strong and weak points.

After extensive research and vetting, we found that polyester fabric is the best in class. This fabric offers many great sewing patterns. One example is the square intertwined square meshes with double layers. This fabric is also known as the Oxford fabric.

The material has many notable characteristics, including excellent ventilation, waterproofing, and UV protection. Yes, We recommend polyester for biasing.

  1. Durability

You can get the perfect design and material, but making a temporary Peloton bike cover is still possible. Here is where quality joinery comes in. A unibody cover for a bike is nearly impossible to make. Multiple pieces of fabric are often sewn together to create a complete cover for a bike.

This can affect the durability of the cover. The two most unique techniques for ensuring permanent bonds are double stitching and heat-sealed seams. Tertiary elements such as the Ripstop Technology are used in the oxford fabric to increase the durability of the peloton bicycle cover.

  1. Protection

A bike cover made of high-quality materials can protect your bike from internal threats like kids and pets. Additional damaging factors, such as sunlight and excess heat, may also require special features.

The cover must meet the following protection criteria

  • IP-certified waterproofing
  • 210D Ultraviolet Protection
  • 600D Heating

Note: D stands for denier. This metric is used to measure the strength and durability of materials. The more durable the material, the higher the numbers preceding them. These features can be availed as a single unit in the Team obsidian bicycle cover.

  1. Dimensions and size

Your peloton bike’s cover should offer complete coverage. You can avoid as many dangers as possible.

The peloton bike is 60″*24″,48″,/ 55296 cubic inches/ 32 cubic feet. To ensure the bike is protected, the right cover must have a volume of at least 55296 cubic inches. Simply multiply the three dimensions (i.e., Length* Width*Height in inches) to calculate the bag’s volume in cubic inches.

  1. Ambiance of usage

The number of features you require for your cover will depend on where it is located. If your bike is outdoors, heat shielding and UV protection are essential. Simple water and dust proofing will suffice for bikes that are indoors.

  1. Customer support

You must get a return policy for defective orders from the vendor. This could be a sign that the seller is confident about the product’s quality. You can also have peace of mind in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

It is just as important to have a warranty program. All of the bikes covered in this article come with warranties that vary in duration. A good deal would be to get a warranty between 2 and 5 years.

Keep a record of your purchase. You can either fill out warranty cards or receipts to prove your purchase. You can send the cover back for free if it fails within the warranty period.

Frequently Asked Question

We trust the information you have read will help you search for a peloton bicycle cover. Here are questions that buyers often ask in this area.

Should I Cover My Bicycle?

Yes. Covering your bike with a cover will preserve it for a long period. A treadmill cover protects against damage from weather and other outside elements that can potentially cause damage to your treadmill.

No matter which covers you choose, every outdoor exercise bike cover offers the following: Maintains a high resale price, Protects from scratches by children or pets, and pet hair. This slows down the bike’s aging process, Prevents paint damage from excessive heat and ultraviolet radiation, Protects your bike from adverse weather conditions such as too much sunlight or heavy rain, Protects sensitive electronics like the peloton bicycle dash from dust accumulation.

Should I Leave My Peloton Bike Outside?

It is not recommended to leave the bike outside, but it is possible to take precautionary steps. It is a good idea to choose a space with the least exposure to sunlight and rain. A high-quality bike cover can be a good investment to protect your bike in case of an accident.

Which material works best for bike covers?

100% polyester is the best material to cover your bike. The fabric is tightly woven. The cover is strong enough to resist sunlight, water, and dust.

How do I prevent my bike from rusting?

It is important to dry your bike. You should wipe off any water from the bike after washing it. Make sure that all moving parts are regularly greased.


These covers all have their place on the market. Because it’s very affordable, the Mini Lustrous will protect your bike. The RIAYOOE is a great value for money and offers more style. We have the Cycling Deal. It has a well-thought-out design and bold colors. Finally, the Fandgok is a great design that looks great.

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