11 Best Peloton Bike Pedals. The best Alternatives

Peloton bike pedals make up one of the essential elements of the peloton workout. Other components include the bicycle itself, the shoes, and shoe cleats, all of working together to show the best performance of the peloton. The way to do this is you can make sure that your pedals fit into the peloton bike. Cleats need to be able to attach peloton-compatible shoes without any hassle, and shoes need to be able to securely clip onto the pedals of the peloton bike.

In the end, nobody would want to purchase one thing following the other because they don’t fit one another. That’s the reason you should be aware of these terms. In the article below, we’ll examine the top SPD pedals to use on peloton bikes.

Are All Pedals compatible with the Peloton?

Absolutely not. Peloton comes with clipless pedals that use Look Delta and SPD-SL cleat system. Peloton pedals will only come with cleats that fit into the peloton pedal cages, thus ensuring you get perfection. However, the bike can use other regular pedals that are suitable for spin bikes.

Only pedals with thread dimensions of 9/16 inches or more to peloton bikes. It can include SPD or SPD-SL or dual Platform Pedals. However, remember that the pedal’s thread size has to be 9/16 inches.

1. Venzo Delta & SPD Pedal

Venzo Delta & SPD Pedal

These pedals are compatible with Look Delta & Shimano SPD cleats, thus peloton flat pedals. They are an awesome choice for Exercise Spin Bike.

Their aluminum-set body ensures they are durable after hard and rough road workouts. They come with sealed cartridge bearings that make sure that cycling is smooth.

Its 4.5 ° degrees of thermoplastic floating offered by these pedals permit the user to have a lateral posture and avoid knee joint pain.

It comes with a 9/16 thread dimension, which is suitable for pelotons.

It includes a pair of the most comfortable cleats. This will save you the hassle of placing an additional purchase.


  • The package includes one pair of pedals with one pair of Look ARC Delta cleats one pair of C01F Shimano SPD compatible cleats.
  • It gives a 4.5 level of float that is designed to prevent knee pains and injuries during and after cycling.
  • The aluminum alloy material is strong and increases its durability.
  • It is equipped with sealed cartridge bearings that give you the smoothest ride.


  1. There are no major cons to be discovered.

2. Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL

Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL

Shimano provides some of the best pedals in the market, and Shimano Ultegra R8000 is a regular size pedal that will amaze you with its never-disappointing features.

It is constructed of a combination of stainless steel, which increases its strength. The stainless element also decreases the possibility of the pedals staining.

The pedal that is flat is a large platform that permits for maximum power transfer, in addition to the stability of your feet.

It’s lightweight, and the pedals and the set weigh 248 grams. This gives users comfort while riding.

It also features a wide bearing that is designed to facilitate the distribution of the body’s weight.


  • It is a broad platform, resulting in greater efficiency in power transfer
  • Platforms with wide bearings aid in bodyweight distribution
  • Lightweight- 248 grams, which allows for greater efficiency performance
  • It is easy to clip cleats in and out, which helps prevent accidents from happening.


  • The package is not equipped with cleats, and the customer must purchase the cleats separately.

3. Wellgo WPD-E003

Wellgo WPD-E003

Luckily for you, this pedal from WellGo is designed with toe clips already installed. Therefore, you can ride in regular non-cycling shoes whenever you want to spin casually. Also, you can have other people and friends use your bike since toe clips are not size-specific.

In addition, the pedals kit also comes with SPD Clamps! This means that you don’t have to purchase an additional item to get the cleats.

In addition, the pedals have made of a more robust construction because they’re specifically made to be used on spin bikes. This means you’ll be able to say goodbye to failures and manufacturing errors. However, the pedals come with two years of warranty, so you are guaranteed quality.


  • They weigh 256 grams per pair, making them lightweight, allowing for longer and faster riding
  • It offers 7 degrees of floating, which allows for lateral body alignment and helps to prevent knee pain.
  • The package also includes cleats making it easier to save money time and the cleats you need to search for
  • It’s designed for road cycling and spinning, so one pair of cyclists taking cars that make up the majority of your group
  • Cartridge bearings with sealed seals to provide an effortless cycling experience


  • The pedals don’t work with specific shoe brands.

Schwinn Triple-Link Pedals

Schwinn Triple-link pedals are the best choice. Schwinn Triple-link pedals are ideal for anyone looking for an all-purpose product. It can perform three functions. it can perform:

  • Attach your shoes to the toe clips
  • Secure your feet onto the pedal using the built-in straps
  • Make sure your cleats are secured using your SPD pedals. SPD compatible pedals

We like these pedals since you can put them with the bicycle for indoor use or any other outdoor bicycle for it. If your bike can accept 9/16 inches of pedals and you’re well on your way to a great ride.

For its durability, Schwinn opted for an alloy structure that can provide the durability and longevity we all desire. Its hue is vibrant and attractive red that will attract attention.


  • It can secure your cleats, clip them and secure your feet everything together.
  • It is not necessary to require any software for installing this pedal.
  • A toe guard can be slipped on top of the bracket.
  • It is possible to use it to exercise indoor bikes and bicycles for outdoor use.
  • Allow you to use peloton shoes when spinning.


  • They’re only compatible with Look Delta Cleats.

5. Shimano PD-EH500

Shimano PD-EH500

The PD-EH500 has two faces. Of this Shimano PD-EH500, both are extremely practical. One side is a smooth traditional platform one side has a curved surface that is SPD compatible. You can attach your cleats to this side.

These traction pads, which are flat on one side, give grip even in wet conditions. It is now possible to attach this pedal on road or mountain bikes and peloton bikes. The body is made of aluminum with an axle of steel. You can also alter the entry tension and release tension.


  • Dual-sided, with the platform pedal on one side and SPD compatible on the opposite side.
  • Aluminium is light and long-lasting.
  • The binding light-action mechanism makes it easy to clip or remove clipping frequently.
  • The flat side of the platform has an impressive hold.


  • There isn’t a strap or toe clip attached to it.

6. Venzo Fitness Shimano SPD Pedals

Venzo Fitness Shimano SPD Pedals

These toe cages are another great option for anyone who just isn’t a fan of the delta spin shoes, which are compatible with Peloton. 

One feature of the Venzo Fitness Shimano SPD pedals that make it different from other pedals in the same class is its huge dimensions. Its dimensions are 105mm x 78.5mm. What this size provides is greater security when cycling. Since it is made from aluminum, it is able to withstand heavy use.

What we like about this SPD pedal is that it allows us to alter the tension. There is an adjustment screw located on the left side to allow you to feel the sensation of being able to clip in and out properly. Additionally, the sealed bearings make for smoother rides. The product weighs 1.6 pounds for each.

If you don’t feel at ease with the position of the cage, you can adjust the cage to suit your preferences. Because of the dimension of the pedal, even those who have big feet can use these.


  • You will receive an excellent product at a reasonable cost.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • This pedal is of an impressive and solid design.
  • The pedal can utilize two sides to pedal.


  • You can’t use them on other bikes that are outdoor.

7. Sunlite Training 9/16” Cheap (SPD not Spd-SL) Strap And Toe Clip

Sunlite Training

Sunlite Training Bike pedals are Shimano SPD pedals for the peloton, given that they have a non-SPD side included. These black and silver-coloured pedals are designed for spinning and indoor biking.

These come with a pair of SPD cleats so you can clip in with SPD shoes if you have them, or switch them out for toe cages so you can use your athletic shoes. 

The pedal’s body is constructed from strong aluminum alloy, making it tough and durable.

The thread dimension that is on the Chromoly spindle is 9/16, which is the perfect size of the peloton.

The SPD pedal for peloton weighs 760 grams per pair. It comes with the OS free ball. Toe clip straps in the package.


  • It’s an SPD pedal with a toe clip that allows the use of a non-SPD side and is which makes it peloton-friendly.
  • The aluminum frame makes it tough.
  • It’s the standard thread size of 9/16 on the spindle, which allows for a larger variety of options
  • It’s unisex, which means both genders can feel relaxed


  • It is not recommended for outdoor activities.

8. Shimano PD-R550

 Shimano PD-R550

These Shimano black and grey pedals are known and praised for their low-profile design, which allows for one to easily adjust the cleats. Their lightweight, 300g per pair makes them convenient for cycling on.

The body of the pedals is made of stainless steel, which provides the resistance of the pedal to permanent staining and provides long-lasting durability.

The platform for bearings is large enough to permit weight distribution. Sealing the axle of the cart helps to ensure the smoothness of movement.

With an SPD-SL compatible cleat system, these peddle qualify to be peloton bike pedals.The broad shoe platform allows the transfer of power from your pedals to your feet.

The binding and cleat feature guarantees a perfect pedal and shoe to fit.


  • The pedal clips display an incredibly low profile design which allows for simple adjustment of the cleats.
  • A stainless steel body that blocks staining and improves durability
  • A broad bearing platform that allows for weight distribution across the pedals
  • Wide shoe platform that brings about the transfer of power from the pedals to the feet, which means faster and more extended rides.
  • Cleats can be found in the kit.


  • They weigh more than the Shimano Ultegra R8000 and are, therefore, at times getting beaten by it.

9. BW Watt 1.0 Clipless SPD-SL Compatible Cleats

BW Watt 1.0 Clipless SPD-SL

BW Watt 1.0 pedals are a good alternative to Shimano pedal clips. With a die-cast aluminum material as the main body material that has a fibreglass infused binding, then the durability and quality of these pedals are a guarantee. It is made for both spinning and road workouts, thus giving you a 2-in-1 advantage.

It comes with sealed cartridge bearings that permit the pedal to ride smooth.

They are equipped with CNC spindles CR-MO that measures 9/16 inches and is suited to the peloton.

The pedal clips allow for 7-degree floats that can help prevent knee joint pains.

SPD-SL cleats come with the package.


  • They weigh 256 grams per pair, making them lightweight, allowing for more speed and endurance
  • It provides 7 degrees of floating, which allows for lateral body alignment and helps prevent knee pain.
  • The package comes with cleats, making it easier to save money time and a perfect search for cleats
  • It’s designed for road cycling and spinning, so one pair of cyclists taking the majority of your peloton
  • Bearings in the cartridge are sealed to ensure an effortless cycling experience


  • The pedals are not suitable for certain shoe brands.

10. YBEKI Bike Pedals with Straps and Clips 

YBEKI Bike Pedals with Straps and Clips 

These pedals are made of resin and alloy, which gives them outstanding performance and durability. The 9/16 inches spindle allows for peloton fitting. The pedals are perfect for spinning indoor and outdoor cycling workouts.

If you’re looking for safety when pedalling, this pedal is the best option. With the metal grips on the lower end with nylon straps to its upper side, the feet will remain secure throughout the time you exercise. The pedal cages are included, and an un-cage side one is able to use at any time they wish to. It also includes an additional strap for pedals. 


  • Sturdy and long-lasting due to the mix of alloy and resin for the body of the pedals
  • They’re flexible and offer both indoors and outdoors cycling,
  • It offers a non-cage side to be used as an alternative during cycling.
  • A safe cycling experience thanks to the straps and grips made of metal on both sides of the shoe.


  • For those who aren’t experienced with pedals, riding on the side that is not caged can be dangerous. This is due to the fact that the cage could fall to the ground.

11. Lixada Bike Pedals

Lixada Bike Pedals

Finally, we have fairly new but greatly featured pedals in the market. From the look of it, one can get a wonderful peloton experience given what they have to offer. With the Look Delta Cleat system, it is sure a pedal for the peloton.

Lixada Bicycle pedals are constructed of CR-and aluminum alloy, making them tough and durable. The pedals are a wide shoe platform that lets you transfer power efficiently from the feet to pedals.

They feature an open platform that allows easy clipping into and out of cleats, and their adjustment and tension release while cycling.

They come with closed cartilage bearings.


  • Made of CR-MO and aluminum alloy to provide toughness
  • Wide shoe platform for transmission of energy from the pedals into the feet
  • They feature an open platform that allows cleats to be clipped into and out
  • Large binding for rapid engagement


  • Performance is not dependent on the characteristics.

How to Choose Best SPD Pedals for Peloton Bike?

Compatibility with peloton

When searching for the best bicycle pedals for the peloton, it is important to ensure that they’re peloton-compatible. Peloton pedal clips typically permit Delta and SPD-SL cleat systems, but there are occasions when people have had success using other types of pedals, provided that the diameter of the spindle’s threads was 9/16 inches.

The type of system you wish your pedals to function on is also an important factor to think about, as you can find dual-pedal systems which could be adapted to your specific needs. For example, there are SPD pedals for peloton that provide the non-SPD side. They are an excellent choice when you are looking to use both systems, such as peloton for indoor use and SPD for road use.

The substance of the pedal

The pedal must be sturdy to provide better performance but be lightweight to ensure that your spinning is more efficient and less exhausting. If you intend to engage in peloton spinning or any other cycling exercise that is strenuous, opt for the tiniest of pedals without sacrificing its quality — material used for the body.

The majority of the top pedals are made from metal alloys, which guarantee they will last for a long time. Steel protects pedals from staining for a long time because it is easy to clean dirt.

Durable and high-quality material can ensure that you don’t only save money by purchasing pedals every now and then but also make sure that you’re safe from injuries that result from sudden damages or the disengagement of pedals.

The package also includes accessories.

Different types of pedals include a pair of cleats or, if they have straps, a pedal. Peloton pedals come with cleats that are compatible with the peloton toe cages for pedals which will guarantee an exact fit. It is time-saving to research and weigh the different kinds of cleats and the stress of deciding if the cleats can be clipped incorrectly.

The Pedal Straps are designed to ensure that feet remain in a secure place throughout the cycle.

The floating of pedals

It is essential to check the float of your pedals before you purchase them or even if the pedals have any. Float is the quantity of rotation that a pedal or the cleat can provide. It determines your body’s posture and can help avoid lower back and knee injuries.

The size of the spindle

The thread dimension of the spindle that works with a peloton pedal can be found at 9/16 in. This is the reason it is possible to utilize other pedal systems other than Look Delta and SPD-SL on the peloton bikes. They are, however, best employed infrequently and for shorter durations or distances to ensure that the rider is secure.

The platform for the pedals

The dimensions of the platform for the pedals in pelotons should be wide enough to fit the shoes, thus increasing the comfort. This feature’s primary purpose is to provide that all power is transferred from the pedals to your feet. The power transfer stops the body from becoming tired quickly and thereby allowing you to can spin or cycle faster and for longer periods as well.

The platform’s width permits the weight distribution of the user, thus giving you stability and comfort throughout your cycling workout.

A platform that is open allows users to relax the tension and connect and take your shoe cleats from the pedals easily at any time you’d like, even in the middle of an extremely busy street, without causing any disruption.


The majority of peloton pedals are extremely expensive. However, it’s feasible and simple to find alternative pelotons that are high-quality and have lower costs. You can always find an inexpensive pair, and our list gives some examples. Many reviews by users indicate that these quality shoes are more functional than what you would expect.

Therefore, you shouldn’t feel that your pockets will limit your cycling activities. If a bike is equipped with the features you are seeking, it could be worth a try. If you believe that superior peloton experiences are guaranteed by the price the pedal is, you’re wrong. You can search for one that comes with all the features you want and then inquire about warranties to ensure you are on the safe side. Then, you can test the pedal.

Sealable cartilage bearings can give you to ride more smoothly. Therefore, this should be considered too.

Type of activity on the peloton

Are you looking for pedals specifically designed intended for indoor cycling? Are you searching for pedals that offer the best results on roads? Do you wish to do all of these things with the same pedal in order to save time and cost?

You must consider the type and the number of activities you’d like to put your bike’s pedals. These are specifically designed for specific areas and terraces, while there are some that allow for a variety of peloton-related activities. If you are only spinning with the peloton, as an example, it is recommended to use pedals specifically designed for spinning in order for the best efficiency from your peloton’s spin.


A majority of people will buy products that have a warranty. This is not without reason. A warranty provides the assurance of resolving any technical problems that the shoe might show within a particular period of time, or even the possibility of exchange for a defect-free product. It will give you assurance in an item. In the majority of cases, products that have a warranty ensure high quality. If you’re worried about being disappointed but would like to test out the pedal, you think it could be worth it. Then you should request a warranty.

Delivery assistance

Make sure you inquire about the delivery assistance available for the pedals on the peloton you’re looking to buy. You could, for instance, receive assistance in fixing the pedals to the bike, and customer assistance that can guide you through the installation process and will even address your questions regarding the product or follow by sending a helpful email that will help you navigate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear sneakers on peloton bike? 

Yes, you can. you only need toe cages and probably straps, which will hold your feet securely on the pedals.

How to Unclip Peloton Shoes?

Many newcomers have this question. This is normal. We have prepared a separate article on this subject for you.

What type of pedals do pelotons use?

Peloton employs pedals made of either the Look Delta or SPD-SL cleat design. Therefore, cycling shoes must be either of these two styles to work with the pedals of the peloton.

What if I could fix the pedals of the bike by myself, or do I require assistance from a person?

Yes. They come with a user’s manual that is easy to follow. It is also possible to search for online instructions and fix pedals of your own.

Can any Look cleats be able to fit in Peloton’s pedals?

Yes, There is no Look Delta cleats fit into peloton pedals. There are other Look systems. For instance, Look Keo are not suitable for pelotons.

Can you use SPD pedals onto a Peloton bicycle?

Yes. The majority of indoor bikes are able to be customized according to what you would like. Studios and maximum gyms typically have SPD equivalent pedals. There are a few (like SoulCycle and Flywheel) that utilize double-sided pedals that are compatible in conjunction with Look Delta and SPD. Please note that Look Keo and Look Keo aren’t appropriate for peloton riding.

Does changing pedals invalidate the peloton’s warranty?

It is true that it voids the warranty of peloton. When you change the peloton pedals, it is necessary to replace them with different peloton brand pedals if you wish for the warranty to be valid for you. If you are using pedals of other brands, then the warranty on parts will not apply to the peloton bike pedals.

How do I fix a Peloton clicking noise?

See 5 Possible Reasons

If I use different pedals, what happens to the warranty?

Yes, it does void the peloton warranty. When changing the peloton pedals, you have to change them with other peloton brand pedals, if you want the warranty to stand for you. However, if you use pedals from other brands, then the parts warranty will not be valid for your peloton bike pedals.


Peloton bike pedals are among the key parts of a peloton exercise. You already are aware of the top SPD pedals for your peloton bike. If you’ve got each of the options listed above, along with the appropriate shoes and cleats, you can begin or continue your workout to get the most from cycling spinning.

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