Boston Bikes Maps. Review 4 Maps For Mapping

Boston is home to a comprehensive system of traditional bike lanes, as is illustrated in Boston bike lane maps. These bike lanes provide about five feet off the streets for biking. With the advent of bike paths, people needed a Boston bikes map to get to work, to the market, to farmers’ markets, or for a walk.

We did our research and found some maps of Boston’s bike lanes. Please check them out to find the best fit for you.

1. Boston Bikes Network Maps

An excellent and detailed map showing a large number of bicycle paths. We liked that it shows 15 bicycle paths (or places where you can ride a bicycle). Thanks to the convenient coloring, you can see the boundaries.

So, link –

2. Trailmap for Boston Bikes Map

boston bikes map

This map is a comprehensive map of pedestrian and bicycle facilities throughout the MAPC region and beyond. The data on this map tool has been collected from several sources, including city/town trail data, land trusts, DCR, MassDOT, and other sources.

We immediately noticed the visual convenience of this map. On the left side of the map, there is a filter by road type. It displays six types of bicycle paths. You can turn the roads you want on and off. After filtering, you can build a route to the bicycle lane you need.

Link to map –

3. Using Bluebikes. 

But if you don’t have your bike, you can use Bluebike’s map to find a place to rent one. This map also correctly displays bicycle paths.

Link –

4. Boston bike map in PDF

The Boston bike lane map maps the entire bike route of Boston. This map of the bicycle lanes of Boston can help you quickly plan your routes on bikes in Boston in the USA. This Boston biking lanes map is a PDF file, print-friendly, and accessible.

According to a study published called Route Infrastructure and the Risk of Bicyclist Injuries, bike lanes protected in Boston enhance safety and decrease injuries by 89 percent. The protected bike lanes project located in Boston is not only beneficial for cyclists, but it’s beneficial for drivers too. ( check out the Boston bike lane maps).

Boston bike lane maps show an area of 65 miles with bike lanes built in the past three years. It also includes those that have the Silver Bicycle Friendly Community designation. The Bike Network lanes plan will enhance the quality of life of all Bostonians and help keep Boston solid by enhancing residents’ health and air quality.

You can find the Boston bike map to print and download in PDF on this page. The Boston bicycle map presents the bike routes and lanes of Boston in the USA.

Boston Bike Map is a biannual free publication by Boston Bikes. The 2018 edition is the most recent version. It includes color-coded routes based on rider experience, Boston New Balance Hubway stations, and a handy listing of local bike shops.

Good Commuting Routes:

Use the Boston Bicycle Map to find the routes that are most convenient for you. If you’re coming to Boston from outlying areas, take advantage of good routes based on recommendations from local bicycle riders. 

We suggest that if you’re going to try commuting by bicycle on a new route, first test out the route on a less busy day (i.e., Saturday morning) so that you are not stressed about time or traffic and have a chance to see how long it takes, how the intersections work, and any potential problems.

Bike Parking:

Boston Bikes has installed more than 1,800 bike racks around the city. You can also find additional racks in many parking garages and on most university and hospital campuses.

Local Recreation/Fitness Route Suggestions:

  • Arnold Arboretum
  • Paul Dudley White Charles River path
  • East Coast Greenway
  • Forest Hills Cemetery
  • Franklin Park
  • Jamaica Way Bikepath
  • Melnea Cass Bikepath
  • Middlesex Fells
  • Minuteman Bikeway
  • Muddy River Bikepath
  • Neponset River Greenway
  • Pierre Lallement Southwest Corridor Park
  • South Bay Harbor Trail
  • Stony Brook Reservation

Road Rides Suggestions

  • Blue Hills Reservation
  • Beacon St. to Newton Center and beyond
  • Dover/Sherborn
  • Concord/Carlisle
  • Weston/Wayland/Sudbury
  • Shop Rides & Club Rides

Mountain Biking Suggestions

  • Middlesex Fells Reservation
  • Cutler Park
  • Burlington Landlocked Forest
  • Wompatuck State park
  • Blue Hills Reservation
  • For more recommended trails, visit the New England Mountain Biking Association


So, we found four great cards for you. Each of them has its pluses and minuses. So you can choose the one you like best. And if you know of other good maps, send us a link. We will add it to this list!

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