Firmstrong Bella Womens Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

Although initially designed for men, nowadays women have an equal affinity for bicycles. In fact, ladies have come to love and cherish these machines and for that reason, bikes are no longer considered a “males thing”. Whether checking out on girlfriends or viewing seashore sceneries, comfort, styling, and reliability is crucial for ladies enthusiastic about cycling.

Perceiving the life of the contemporary woman, a bike is an eco-friendly mobility asset that offers maximum convenience and simplicity ideal for the city life. If you are a lady thinking about getting a cruiser bike, a good choice not only needs to be within your price range but also capture all the feminine aspects like weight and styling. And that’s where the 7 speed Firmstrong Bella Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle comes in!

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Unique Features Of Firmstrong Bella

Wrapped in a comprehensive package, the 7 speed Bella beach cruiser is an engineering marvel and one of the handful women’s models known to incorporate all the aspects regarding convenience, style beauty, elegance, and resilience.

The Firmstrong Bella Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle is cleverly crafted with an aesthetically appealing classic beach-like look and enriched with graceful features envisioned to perfectly resonate and fully satisfy you’re cycling obsessions. Firmstrong is a sleek 26″ beach cruiser boasting of a responsive 7speed gear mechanism ideal for both flat and hilly terrains. Unlike other bikes, this multipurpose cruiser is built to offer maximum performance, optimal comfort, and timeless style during excursions.

Featuring an outstanding girlish design and a lightweight steel structure, Bella is an easily maneuverable machine and a fashionable model for a varied category of riders. However were it not for its extensive and unique features, the Firmstrong Bella Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle would just be like any other average bike in the market.

Some of its distinguished features include

A lightweight steel frame

If you are looking for a ladies bike that offers an insanely lightweight design and a strong structure, Firmstrong Bella Women’s Beach Cruiser bicycle would be a perfect choice. Built around a 17″ steel frame, this cruiser weighs just only 37.5 pounds which helps boost maneuverability and control.

At 37.5 pounds, Bella is one of the lightest women’s bikes in the market and which offers a stylish effortless ride around the neighborhood. But with a seven-speed gear system, it is apparent that this cruiser is an all-terrain model and would be a great off-road option. While strength and resilience are crucial when it comes to speed and extensive field excursions, Firmstrong comes in with a reinforced frame forged from extended steel ultimately producing a sturdy unbreakable bicycle.

An excellent design

If you are looking for a women’s bicycle that complements your desired styling, Firmstrong would be a perfect pick. Featuring a 17″ low swooping steel frame, mounting and dismounting will no longer be a stressful experience. Whether wearing a skirt or pants, its smooth sloping frame creates enough space which is crucial for riders especially when getting started.

Firmstrong is a versatile bike whose basic design is optimized for maximum control, comfort and resilience when on the trail. The seat is designed with a large surface area complete with double springs for maximum comfort and support.

High-performance wheels

Its anti-slippery 26″ wide whitewall tires feature waffle threads which help enhance surface traction hence maximum performance especially when scaling hilly terrains. The bike comes with 2.125″ spooked aluminum chrome which holds a set of double walled tires thus improving overall resilience and comfort even when cycling across bumpy surfaces.

To sum it up, the Firmstrong Women’s Bella Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle includes other clever features like

  • A stylish synthetic leather grips which ensure a solid comfortable hold
  • A properly cushioned leather saddle for added comfort
  • Matching front and back fenders to protect you from roadway debris and splashing
  • A chain guard to prevent foreign materials from getting hooked
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat so as to accommodate any height (5 to 6 feet)

Why Customers Are In Love with This Beach cruiser

The Firmstrong Bella is a superbly designed model, optimized to satisfy the desires of any female rider. Fitted with high-performance double wall tires, adjustable seat and handlebars this incredible bike offers maximum cushion when riding on rough surfaces. Its seven-speed gear system allows a comfortably rough road ride while a lightweight design helps boost maneuverability. With Bella’s basic structure including extended steel bars, this bike is incredibly durable and will be a perfect companion for a very long time.

Besides that, Firmstrong boasts of dozens of advantages which most shoppers find irresistible. Some of the most common benefits include


Cycling is an incredibly euphoric outdoor activity that allows you to seamlessly connect with the outside world and enjoy natural sceneries in their eternity. However, no woman wants to go home with a painful aching back after a long day riding with girlfriends.

Boasting of a perfectly cushioned queen size leather saddle complete with dual springs, Firmstrong Bella Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle guarantees a stylish ride seasoned with optimal comfort and minimum disruptions.

Firmstrong Bella Classic 7-Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 26-Inch, Baby Blue

Firmstrong Bella Classic 7-Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 26-Inch, Baby Blue

  • Fashionable, curvy 26-inch seven-speed cruiser bike for faster speeds and better hill climbing; Hawaiian floral decals on frame and chainguard
  • Sleek cruiser design with 17-inch durable steel frame, elegant thick top tube, plus included front and rear fenders

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If you are a cycling enthusiast, coast vacations would not make much sense without a bicycle especially. However, tagging along cruiser would be a daunting proposition and a great inconvenience especially when dealing with a hefty classic model.

Considering the design, Bella Women’s Beach Cruiser is the ultimate beach buster fully customized with an elaborate girlish look perfect for cruising the coast from dawn to dusk. Weighing only 37.5 pounds and measuring 57 x 29 x 8 inches, this bike is very light and will take a very small storage space thus enhances transporting.

  • Designed with a seven-speed gear system, Bella women’s bike is a multipurpose tool ideal for both exercising and commuting to work
  • Fitted with a pair of 2.125 wide tires complete with waffle threads which offer great surface traction
  • Designed with a steel frame, this bike has a 350 pounds carrying capacity which helps accommodate different ranges of riders
  • An adjustable seat and extendable handlebars help accommodate various heights


  • Perfect for off-road riding
  • Lightweight
  • Designed with a durable and resistant steel frame
  • Well cushioned seat inclusive of a double spring for maximum comfort
  • Waffle treads offer maximum road grip
  • 350 pounds carrying capacity


  • Not fully assembled during delivery
  • Does not offer a rear luggage carrier

Final Take

If you are looking forward to exploring your world and spice up your life, doing a comprehensive woman’s bike is a holistic and excellent tool. While there are dozens of options on the market currently, the Firmstrong Bella Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle is the ultimate choice.

Designed with a resilient steel frame and inclusive of all the feminine aesthetics, this beach cruiser captures all the aspects regarding beauty, style, and performance ultimately providing timeless adventure and maximum comfort.

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