GMC Denali Bike Review

Important update: This bike is no longer available on Amazon. You can currently buy it in this store.

The GMC Denali Bike is an extremely versatile and well-loved road bike for cyclists looking to enjoy riding to exercise, as part of the group or in individualized training. The Denali Road Bike comes in a variety of dimensions and colors, on top of top-quality materials, which will attract women and men of all sizes. At the middle of the road this bike is ideal for people who aren’t seeking a high-end bike, but would like something that is more durable and higher quality than a typical road bike.

For those who are serious about their riding, GMC does a pretty decent job in integrating top-quality materials on a road bike that is fairly affordable and durable. It’s also it is a Unisex bike, it’s just a matter of picking the right color and size, which is easy because of the various sizes and three colors.

Although this bike is sporting an GMC badge, it’s manufactured from Kent International. Kent International is a family-owned business which dates back to the 1900s. Kent has the rights to license to five other brands and also their own. The brands include Jeep, GMC Razor Cadillac Little Miss Match, and GMC Razor Cadillac. Little Miss Match bicycles.

Who is This Bike Good For?

This bike is an excellent choice for anyone who needs an bike that can be able to withstand long distances and fast cycling on roads. It is GMC Denali Road bike is available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of cyclists of various dimensions and body types.

Beginning riders looking for an entry-level bike that is durable may like this one from GMC It has frames made of aluminum that will endure wear and tear, while making it light. Denali from GMC GMC Denali offers a good combination of speed and casual riding, which makes it a perfect bike for riders who wish to progress to an experience that is professional.

The bike was created for casual cycling on the road with the intention of. For cyclists, this bike is light enough for a middle-range cycling, with a variety of speeds to all kinds of cyclists.

The Denali isn’t designed for professional cyclists who are serious about their training however, GMC hopes to provide durable and long-lasting endurance for the casual cyclist by offering this bike. Its GMC Denali gives a quick and smooth shift between gears , allowing riders a comfortable ride over steep, twisting, or smooth roads.

Features & Benefits Of GMC Denali Road Bike 

The build of the GMC Denali Road Bike is extremely impressive. It is built around an aluminum frame with a fork. The parts you’d encounter in this bike are decent. It’s the kind of thing you would see in a bike that is considered low-cost (Under 250 dollars).

This GMC Denali road bike is equipped with Shimano derailleurs, shifters and derailleurs as well as it is also equipped with shifters and derailleurs. Promax brakes are known as alloy calipers. That’s because they are advertised in this manner. 

In addition to these marks or images there can be no way to distinguish the parts. Wheel size is fantastic because they’re 700cc size wheels that are perfect for novices. They’re also the most popular model you can find on the market which makes them simple to replace.

The bike is also equipped with premium alloy rims that clearly give an excellent feel. The extra height of the bike wheel increases its stiffness and improves the aerodynamics, which is an excellent sign. 

The bike also features the KMC Z 51 chain that includes a Prowheel aluminum crankset, as well as an 8-speed cassette. All which greatly improves the performance. The best part is the Cionlli saddle, however some riders might consider it to be a hindrance.

Size And Colors Of GMC Denali Bike

The size options of the GMC Denali Road Bike vary, with four sizes:

  • 700c Large (25”/63.5cm Frame—18 x 41 x 68 inches)
  • 700c Medium (22.5”/57cm Frame—18 x 40 x 67 inches)
  • 700c Small (19”/48cm Frame—18 x 40 x 68 inches)
  • 700c X-Small (16”/41cm Frame—9.2 x 28 x 51 inches)

To be used in this review The 700c Medium is used to describe functions as well as features, materials, and functions that all sizes have in common, since it is the most sought-after size for women and men.

The style for the GMC bicycle is light yet has the stiffness required to withstand the rigors of road racing and roads. The four sizes are available in three color schemes: Green/Black which is black-painted with green accents Red which is a striking solid red, and Black/Pink with solid black paint with subtle pink accents.

The colors are appealing and neutral, making this bike a serious appearance that is ideal for those who are serious about their bike. These colors appeal to women and men of all ages.

The Tech Specs

  • Design intent: Road Use/Rugged Roads/Road Racing
  • 21 Speed
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • High-profile alloy Vitesse racing rims
  • Shimano Revo shifts and Shimano derailleur (for effortless and smooth gear shifts)
  • Super-high performance 700c tires (for the most arduous roads and pavements)
  • Brake Style Mechanical Rim/Caliper
  • Available in three sizes and four colors.

GMC Denali 6061 Frame

gmc denali bike frame

GMC Denali comes with an straight gauge frame made of aluminum that is frequently the most well-praised component on the bicycle. Straight gauge frames tend to be more durable and sturdy than butted tubes and therefore provide the ideal foundation for creating an excellent bike. There is also plenty of space to mounting your water bottle.

Top tube has more power than other road bikes in the budget category and has advantages and disadvantages. The benefit of them is that they drastically reduce the area of the frontal that gets in contact with wind while riding your bike. The drop of the handlebars provides good aerodynamic riding places.

The downside is that if problems with your back flexibility you might not be ideal to ride in the drop bar position, however you can still ride your bike with the hood on.

Shifters and Drivetrain

Shimano Revo Shifters

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the bike is equipped with Shimano Revo Shifters and Derailleurs. If your commute is a mix of climbing or descending, getting the right gear will not be a problem because of the 21 speeds available.


GMC Denali with Vitesse wheels

Wheels that are included on GMC Denali are also high in Vitesse which means that their rims are bigger than those that are normally used. This extra length of rims improves the durability and improve aerodynamics.


One of the benefits associated with riding a well-known bike is the possibility of finding spare parts in case you hurt or lose something. These parts can also be affordable.
I’ve read of people who hit the 1500mile mark with no issues and modifications to this bike. This is amazing and be a testimony to the durability of the parts on this bike.

What’s the Good

The long-lasting nature of this bike on the road is an apex of praise from riders, from the states to even across the nation, this GMC model has been praised as a safe bike to use on roads with unpredictable conditions. Contrary to professional racing bikes this is not the sleek, aerodynamic frame you see on TV on race events like the Tour de France.

The road bike is designed to be a multi-purpose and sturdy bike to use on roads. A few pros are that it is flexible when it comes to use, for example, for road racing for beginners cycling, group biking, training and exercise and long-distance cycling.

The style and style of Denali’s design GMC Denali is also a draw for buyers. The available colors provide a great middle ground for women and men. The colors are too masculine, or ‘feminine’ however, they are appealing and suitable for a wide range of riders of different sizes.

The availability of four sizes is another benefit that this bike has. No matter if you’re six feet tall, or 5 feet tall the various sizes will help you select the bike that’s the right fit for you.

The cost is among the reasons why this model is so popular with novices. At less than 100 dollars it’s as reliable as you could be. It comes with the technology and gears that higher-end models lack which are ideal to learn on before stepping up to a higher-end bike.

Straight gauge frames are more durable and stronger than butted tubes therefore offering a great core for building a good bike. And there is also a lot of room for fixing your water bottle mount. 

Nearly all reviews found on Amazon affirm that the value is fantastic and totally worth the price. From five stars to three star reviews, regardless of whether the bike was in perfect condition or had a few minor issues the price was always noted as being worthwhile for the purchase.

What’s the Bad

One of the downsides in one of the negatives about this GMC road bike model is that some customers have complained about it not feeling as strong as they would like it to be after it is assembled. This may be due to consumers’ own mistakes when building the bike, and it is recommended that if you purchase the bike bring it to a bicycle shop for assembly or to someone with prior experience.

A further issue is brake and tire problems. Although they are made of alloy, the Vitesse racing rims are stylish however, they’re not good quality. The tires on this model aren’t typical road bike size , and they are of poor quality. are not as great as they could be.

The “tire tape” within the tires is not the highest quality and you should be aware of this when you take your bike for a ride. It is possible to purchase new tape for about $60, and repair any flats that occur and also strengthen the tires to last for the many miles of life in the tape. It’s all dependent on the way you ride your bike and the terrain you cycle on.

The brakes aren’t perfect too, making them difficult to adjust in assembly, as well as some customers report that the model isn’t as fast to stop using the brakes it is equipped with.

Some of the compromises that had to be made to make this bike so inexpensive are the brake pads. Many people complain about the braking ability of this bike, but a quick way to solve this problem is to buy brake pads with a good pad.

It is important to remember that this road bike model made by GMC is not fully assembled for riders. Since it’s only partly assembled, you’ll have to attach the front wheel as well as the handlebars. Some of the equipment required are the Allen wrench as well as a flat head screwdriver and the Philips screwdriver.

GMC Denali Price And Assembly

This bike is priced between 200$ and 280$ based on the model you choose and the size you’re buying.

You can purchase the GMC Denali Road Bike for competitive prices based on size):

  • 700c Large: $252.99 (Black/Green); $218.44 (Red); $259.40 (Black/Pink)
  • 700c Medium: $259.99 (Black/Green); $216.15 (Red); $259.40 (Black/Pink)
  • 700c Small: $273.12 (Black/Green); $232.05 (Red); $259.40 (Black/Pink)
  • 700c X-Small: $259.40 (Black/Pink); other colors not available for pricing

GMC Denali road bikes come with about 80% percent assembled if you order it online and you can either complete the assembly yourself or ask a mechanic from your local bike shop to assemble it for a small price.

GMC Denali is a popular option for road bikes with low prices therefore there are lots of videos on the assembly process, as well as helpful ways to upgrade your bike. This is an instruction guide by the manufacturer to guide you through the process of assembly.


The general perception of the bike long-lasting and reliable. It is ideal for long-distance cycling, commute, or for those who want to start road cycling This is the top priced road bike to learn on, learn on and ride for a long time.

Overall, it’s an ideal bike for beginners for those seeking to get on the roads and eventually become a professional cyclist, but do not have the cash to purchase an expensive or more luxurious road bike. The bike’s design is very high-end and the bike has shifters that resemble mountain bikes. This can help a rider’s experience as they cycle for exercise, pleasure commute, or for sport at an entry-level.

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