How Do I Get Peloton Century Shirt? [UPDATED 2023]

From August 31st 2021, Peloton digital members will no longer be able to receive a complimentary Century Club shirt. In the past the majority of Peloton members received the shirt for free after completing 100 exercises from any one category. Then, Peloton is emailing digital members to inform them that the Century Club shirt will no longer be offered.

How Do I Get Century Club Shirt?

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The decision to remove the no-cost Century Club shirt is one of the many features that have been taken off of Peloton Digital memberships this year. As Peloton altered their scenery rides in the year, they taken off the app. The forthcoming Peloton gaming video “Lanebreak” will also not be available to users who don’t have having the Peloton Bike or Bike+.

The elimination from the Century Club and other membership advantages is part of the overall strategy of Peloton to reduce and increase the size of their application. Peloton has previously stated that the purpose of their digital membership program is to increase the number of people who use it as a means of promoting their equipment and memberships in full.

With the recent expansion of Peloton’s discounts for military and student members and a partnership together with United Health to offer many of their six million members a digital membership, the removal of the T-shirt for free was likely to be unavoidable.

In general, in order to obtain the century peloton club shirt, you have to complete 100 exercises from one category. These categories comprise all classes in the app (00 bikes, 100 treads, 100 yoga workouts) but they can’t be combined.

This is the step-by- procedure on how to win the Peloton Century trophy

  • Begin by selecting the kind of class you love best. This will allow you to be more consistent and will increase your chances of being able of reaching your goal quicker.
  • Make sure you warm up more. It is common to skip the warm-up or cooldown, unless it is already part of the class. A separate warm-up will help avoid injury and injury, but it also allows you to add additional classes to your schedule.
  • Be constant. Think about doing smaller and frequently. You will get better results when you do three 30 minute sessions than a single 90 minute class. The duration is identical. The physiological adaptations differ.
  • Do two short workouts. One long exercise is fantastic. But doing two short sessions instead will give you greater results and increase the number of workouts you’ve already done.

When you’ve completed 100 sessions, you should check your email. Inside the email, you will receive a code and a link that are able to use to access the boutique peloton.

Peloton Century Size and Design of Shirts

It is the Peloton Century shirt now round neck, and the majority of users like it to the right size. However, some people are, particularly men, finding it to be too small. So, you might have to choose a larger size than the standard sizing in particular in the case of a wide chest. It’s a good thing that the shirt is available in various sizes to accommodate different sizes of wearers.

Peloton century shirt design
Peloton century shirt design

The shirt is available only in color black. Peloton color, which has the white Peloton name clearly inscribed at the chest.

The t-shirts are unisex and appropriate for both men and women. The premium cotton is so soft that you can wear it in the outdoors.

Then there’s the issue of washing. You are unsure of the right wash to apply to the garment. The shirt will not change color, so you don’t need to be concerned about it. Additionally, you can machine wash it, but only in cold water to avoid shrinking.

Peloton Century Shirt FAQS & Tips

Is the peloton century shirt free?

As a whole the peloton century t-shirt is completely free. The shirt will be shipped to you following the time you make your order. It will include the unique order code and tell you how to make the purchase.

What do I do if I don’t get an email?

Some customers have said they didn’t receive an email from the company. If you’re not receiving the email, visit the website of Peloton and get in touch with online support.

What number of peloton century shirts am I able to receive? 

You can only receive one century peloton shirt. Even if you have completed 100 sessions for the categories, you’ll only be qualified for only one piece. In the case of Peloton digital service, you’ll only get one shirt per account. If you’re using an all-access membership, every account you create will receive one shirt.

What is the Peloton Century shirt made out of?

Peloton shirt  - 100% cotton
Peloton shirt – 100% cotton

100 percent cotton shirts. authentic – definitely not a tech t-shirt or something fancy like that. The majority of people believe it’s “soft cotton”, vs the more rougher ones you may find.

Since it’s 100percent cotton, you must be mindful when drying to avoid shrinkage!

What’s the Fit of the Peloton Century Shirt Fit?

The peloton century club shirts will fit comfortably. It is available in black with a white logo of the peloton on the front. It’s tagless and composed of stretchy and soft cotton fabric. It can be washed using regular clothes in the wash machine and dry in the dryer.

Does Peloton Century Shirts Run Small? 

The peloton shirt does not run small. It can be purchased in every size, suitable for men from S to XXL and for women ranging from 3X up to XS.

What Size Peloton Century Club Shirt?

The century peloton shirt is roughly the same measurements as other of the crewneck t-shirts from the peloton clothing. If you want to know the size peloton century club shirt are able to purchase, here is the size chart.

Below is the chart of  Peloton Century Shirt Sizing for women.

 Peloton Century Shirt Sizing for women
 Peloton Century Shirt Sizing for women

And here you can see the sizing chart for men.

 Peloton Century Shirt Sizing for men
 Peloton Century Shirt Sizing for men

What Does The Peloton Century Shirt Look Like?

The peloton century shirt is a normal black t-shirts, but with the white logo of the peloton on the front and a smaller peloton image at the rear. There are two . It also has a tiny engraving of the 100 on the left arm and the century on the right.

To be truthful, the century shirt does not look special, but the notion that it isn’t yours to keep and you can only earn it can make a big difference. It increases the value of it and motivates to work harder.

Can You Buy Peloton Century Club Shirt? 

All in all you can’t purchase the the peloton Century shirt. The idea behind it is that this shirt will only available to those who have completed the 100th workout. It’s the only one made from peloton clothing that’s not available for sale and if you’d like to own it, you must to get it.

I find this to be unusual and cool due to this century shirt’s absence available for sale makes it extra special.

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Will I get a century shirt if I do 100 workouts on the Peloton Tread?

Yes! The completion of 100 workouts in any fitness activity can earn you an Peloton Century shirt. If you’ve got a treadmill, don’t worry you can also get an X-century shirt!

Can I get a second century shirt for doing both 100 bike workouts and 100 tread workouts?

No! Only one century shirt per user. If you’re using the peloton digital, you can get only one shirt for your account.

If I complete 50 cycling and 50 tread workouts can I still receive the century shirt?

No, sorry. You must complete 100 workouts of a specific type – not just 100 general exercises.

Are there really 100 hours of exercise of any kind?

As of the time of publication 100 workouts of any type includes running, cycling and yoga, boot camp floor exercises. But don’t worry about it, once it is announced that the Peloton Rower is officially announced and released, we can anticipate it to be eligible for a shirt with a century on it too!


A century-themed shirt from peloton is an incredible accomplishment and a highly an incentive factor. Even if you only do only one workout per day, the aim of working out 100 times does not just help in forming an habit that is positive as well as enhancing the outcomes.

Additionally, whether you’re just beginning or have been working for a while Everyone would appreciate a high-quality shirt that will remind you of the effort you put into it into.

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