How to Unclip Peloton Shoes?

We will now discuss how to take off your Peloton shoes from training. What is a Peloton? Pelotons are stationary exercise bikes that can be used for cardio training.

Although most people will have no problems with regular clipless pedals it is not uncommon for beginners to struggle to use them. However, learning how to take off Peloton shoes can be difficult. It seems simple to clip out, but is there any secret tricks? Below you will find instructions for beginners on how to do this.

How do you unclip your Peloton shoes?

The Basics of Unclipping Peloton Shoes

Firstly, make sure that your shoes are compatible with your Peloton pedals model. Of course, as with all modern brands, Peloton gives you some freedom in choosing certain accessories, even from other brands and manufacturers of your taste. On the other hand, you need to choose a specific type of sports shoe that will fit your Peloton pedals properly.

SPD-SL and Look Delta
SPD-SL and Look Delta

Let’s be more specific. Look at your Peloton pedals. Make sure that the cleats you choose for your shoes match the cleats on your pedals, and for Peloton bike pedals, SPD-SL or Look Delta cleat types are the perfect match. These have a special three-hole design that will provide the necessary degree of freedom while riding and clipping in and out without any excessive effort.

However, no matter what your shoes’ cleats are – Look Delta or SPD-SL, you may still have some trouble unclipping your shoes.

Why? The secret is in the correct cleat mounting on the three bolts on the sole of your shoe.

How Do I Unclip Peloton Bike Shoes?

Learning to clip and unclip Peloton shoes are one of the most researched topics made over Peloton bikes. The first thing you need to remember is that no movement between your shoes and the cleats is allowed. Screw the bolts tightly. If you see some play in the place where the cleat joints the pedal, this is normal, but no loose fit is allowed between the cleat and the shoe.

Below we will consider how to unclip your peloton shoes like a pro. Here’s a step-by-step procedure on how to unclip through the clipless peloton pedals. 

Step 1: Slow Down Your Exercise Bike

You can simply pedal down, slower with time until the bike finally halts. The flywheel inside your bike should lose its inertia to prevent the pedals from moving. How to stop the bike properly? Decrease the speed of rotation of pedals, moving your feet slower and slower with each cycle till your bike comes to a halt.

In case of emergency, simply use the emergency brake, which is the resistance knob. To stop the flywheel, push the knob down and the bike will come to rest immediately.

Step 2: Unclip Your Peloton Shoes

When your pedals stopped moving, just move your heel away to the sides of the bike. Yes, that simple! This is how you unclip like a pro. Easy for beginners after a quick training.

Of course, trying to unclip your shoes before the training on a resting bike is a safer way.

And What Do I Do if My Shoes Stuck in the Pedals?

Yes, that is an important question because people keep asking about it. Indeed, most people trying to figure out the answer to this question face this issue at least once, and the fear that this may happen again is not the best thing during your workout.

After you failed to unclip your shoes as described above, like in every emergency situation, do not panic, relax. Do not allow this little accident make you feel bad about the peloton. There is a solution.

Step 1: Remove the Shoes and Get Off the Bike.

If you have tried clipping several times and failed, just put off the shoes and get off your Peloton as you would do with a regular road bicycle pedal. Safety comes first, so, make sure that the pedals don’t move, and you sit firmly on the saddle.

Just loosen the straps of your shoe or untie the shoelace, freeing one foot at a time. Do not feel embarrassed standing on the floor in socks alone. That is normal.

Step 2: Unscrew the Pedals

As you are on the floor, you are not another part of your bike, right? So, calm down, find an Allen wrench and unscrew the pedals from the bottom, almost like you did it before with your shoes.

On the other side of each pedal, you will see a bolt with a hexagonal hole in the bolthead. For the right pedal, unscrew the bolt in the anticlockwise direction, for your left pedal, unscrew in the opposite direction. If you are not sure you are doing it right, try unscrewing in both directions or ask for help.

If you are having trouble clipping into your Bike, or if it is too difficult to unclip from the Bike, we recommend loosening the pedal tension using the 3 millimeter Allen key included with your Bike. Don’t loose the tension screw at the bottom of the pedal (If you loosen the screw too much, you could damage your pedal).

Step 3: Unclip the Shoes

Now, remove the pedals with cleats and shoes stuck inside. Try to pull and twist the shoe to free it from the pedal.

Step 4: Tighten the Cleats

Tighten the Cleats: For your shoes to get stuck, you have to realize that the mistake was first at cleat installation. You probably already spent a huge part of the hour trying to unclip in vain.

Most likely, the reason that you couldn’t unclip your shoes off the pedals was in the wrong installation of the cleat on your shoe.

After you faced such a negative experience and probably lost quite a lot of time, make sure that it will not happen again in the future.

To prevent this from happening again, tighten your shoe cleats immediately. If your manual clipping displaced the cleats from the correct positioning, or you feel excessively loose fit, mount the cleats again, making sure that you do it properly without any haste.

You see the three bolts. Tighten them until you feel good resistance. Apply enough effort screwing them, it will help you to get more effective workouts because your foot sits in the pedal as intended.

Keep the following points in mind when trying to unbutton your Peloton shoes.

These are the top tips to remember when unclipping your Peloton shoe:

  1. Safety, first! This is essential to ensure you don’t get hurt.
  2. To disconnect the cleat, you can move your heels away from the pedal by squeezing them. If this doesn’t work or you are getting resistance, use moderate force. Resistance is often due to the strength and connection between the pedal and the cleat. It’s good for safety, as we said before.
  3. It’s simple to remove the other pedal after you have removed your shoes from one foot. You can remove one foot and unclip it easily.
  4. If you still have difficulty, you can try leaning on the pedals by gripping the resistance knob of the bike. You can take off the Peloton shoes by applying pressure to them.
  5. Tension screws are located under the pedals. You should not loosen the tension screws unless you have no choice. You can endanger your pedals by loosening the tension screws.
  6. It would help if you did not push down too hard to ensure it doesn’t force your knee. The foot should be turned, not the knee.


What is the Default Type of Peloton Pedals?

 In order to ride on the peloton, you will need special cycling shoes. Peloton does not require you to necessarily use peloton brand shoes. All consumer bikes manufactured by Peloton are sold with pre-installed Look Delta pedals. If you want to buy spare cleats or choose other cleats, make sure that you purchase the matching cleats with a 3-hole design of Delta type.

Why is the Cost of Peloton so High?

As we know, good brands set high prices on their products. Although the price may indeed look high, their bikes provide way more advantages in both reliability and usefulness.

Being the best brand of exercise bikes on the market in 2022, Peloton sets prices according to their reputation and the quality of bikes manufactured by their competitors.

Peloton provides more features and services than other brands, including virtual courses and reliable support. Of course, you can always choose a cheaper brand that suits your needs, and the key principles described in this article will still be applicable.

Can I Change Pedals on Peloton?

The short answer is yes. You can change pedals if you want a different color, style, or shoe cleat type, such as SPD and its variations.

Does Peloton Come with Toe Cages?

No, although Peloton sells toe cages for about $40 a pair. They are ideally compatible with the Peloton bike pedals, so no additional equipment will be needed. They are also compatible with products of other brands such as Exustar and Venzo.

Can I Use a Peloton without the Shoes?

No, the whole purpose of such bikes is in the idea that you need to apply effort while moving your feet up, which is only possible with the proper shoes. Like every spin class requires you to wear special clip-in shoes, Peloton does the same.

Can I Use Road Bike Shoes on Peloton?

Yes, you can use road bike shoes on Peloton if they have the right cleat design. Choose the described 3-bolt Look Delta or SPD road cycling shoes in a professional sports store. You can bring your Peloton shoes or the cleat you have to make the right choice. If you are sure you bought the correct road bike shoe model, you can follow the advice from the article.

Choosing Peloton Shoes

Sometimes a situation arises when you need to change your peloton shoes. Which one to choose? Peloton Shoes Sizing – Are They True to Size? Read about it in our research.

How to Unclip Peloton Shoes? Conclusion

As we saw above, even beginners can learn how to easily jump out of the peloton and stand on the floor in a second. Indeed, a lack of knowledge can turn your exciting workout into a sad mess and ruin your excitement about spin training. Good for you, this article on how to unhook a peloton bike is the tool that will help you feel you’re a pro in the peloton world. Remember: practice makes perfect!