Peloton Shoes Sizing – Are They True to Size?

Unfit Peloton shoes can be painful and slow on the users’ feet. They can make indoor cycling become a tedious and uncomfortable activity. Therefore, you need to find the right cycling shoe that is made from well-ventilated and also durable materials. It is necessary for you to check all available shoes on the market, so you can find the best one for yourself.

Peloton is one of the most popular companies located in the New York area. They are popular for their products for indoor cycling activities. Peloton Cycling is a fun and interesting way to keep you healthy and fit. They also have Peloton shoes that are specially created for all active people. You can wear Peloton shoes that are made with comfort, durability, and style in mind. These shoes are specially created with the best materials, so all users can feel comfortable when wearing these shoes. However, some people feel uncomfortable when they choose the wrong size of their shoes.

In this article, we are going to share with you some useful tips on how you can choose the right cycling shoes for your daily activities. These tips are good for you who are looking for the best peloton shoes sizing that can support your cycling and other activities every day. 

Are Peloton Shoes True To Size?

Many people claim that the Peloton brand shoes are specially created to be true to size. Some people claim that the Peloton brand shoes are a little bit smaller than regular sports shoes. However, you should never have to worry about this thing. We can suggest that you can go with the wide Peloton shoes from many different brands that are available on the market, especially when you have wider toes.

Peloton bikes don’t require you to use specific Peloton brand shoes. you can use other compatible shoes that are offered by many different brands. Peloton shoe size will vary depending on the brand that you choose. Peloton brand shoes will be true to size when you have a standard or semi narrow feet. If you have standard feet, you can order the set of shoes with the bike.

How Should Peloton Shoes Fit?

There are some considerations on how the Peloton shoes can fit. Their shoes should fit similarly to running sneakers. The shoes should never be too tight or too loose when they are used.

The arch support of the Peloton shoes should be good and supportive enough for your feet, so these shoes don’t put too much pressure or strain on your foot’s joints. If you have wide feet, you can consider sizing up to put more toe room in the Peloton shoes. If you feel that the shoes are too big for you, you can adjust the ratchet strap and also the double velcro strap to make the shoes comfortable for you. You have to choose the rigth peloton shoes sizing for your needs.

Peloton Shoe Sizing Guide and FAQ

Some people are wondering if the Peloton shoes run true to size. Some people have reported that the peloton shoes run small, some feel they are bigger. For most people, the size can be similar to the size of their regular shoes. However, the Peloton shoe sizing will depend on how far your foot is wider or narrower. Peloton shoes don’t have a range of widths. They are pretty narrow. It means that you have to consider sizing up when the feet are wide. Before you choose the right shoes for your needs, you can read some important information in this article. Here are some FAQs that many people usually ask when looking for the best cycling shoes for themselves.

How to Measure Your Foot Size Correctly?

When choosing the right Peloton shoes sizing, you have to take a look at some different factors to get the perfect cycling shoes to be true in size. It is a good idea for you to choose the right shoes that don’t put too much pressure on your toe. The length of the shoes will be another important factor that can add an additional space to your cycling shoes. This room will be very convenient for all users who want to prevent injury on their feet. The shoes should provide enough support and stability on your feet when you are moving around.

Peloton Shoe Size Chart

What size Peloton shoes should you get? You can get many different types of shoes with different styles or sizes. They are good for standard and also semi-narrow feet. Take a look at this shoe size chart, so you can choose the right shoe size depending on your feet.

Women’s Shoes SizeMen’s Shoes Size
36 EU is the same as the 5 US for Women40 EU is the same as the 7 US for Men
37 EU is the same as the 6 US for Women41 EU is the same as the 8 US for Men
38 EU is the same as the 7 US for Women42 EU is the same as the 9 US for Men
39 EU is the same as the 8 US for Women43 EU is the same as the 10 US for Men
40 EU is the same as the 9 US for Women44 EU is the same as the 10.5 US for Men
41 EU is the same as the 10 US for Women45 EU is the same as the 11 US for Men
42 EU is the same as the 11 US for Women46 EU is the same as the 12 US for Men
43 EU is the same as the 12 US for Women47 EU is the same as the 13 US for Men
 48 EU is the same as the 13.5 US for Men
Shoe sizes table

How to Measure Your Foot Size Correctly (A step-by-step guide)

First, you want to measure the length of your feet. You can place your feet on the A4 paper. Then, you can mark the position of the big toe or the next finger if it is longer. Measure the length of your feet for getting the right foot size. Repeat this similar procedure on the other foot. Then, you can identify the size on the standard size chart. Don’t forget to measure the width of your feet. 

How to Measure Your Foot Size

You can check on the right foot size chart that can help you classify your feet based on the width of your feet (whether it is narrow, medium, and also wide).

Should You Size Up or Down Your Peloton Shoes?

This is another popular question from a lot of people now. They are wondering if they need to size up or size down their Peloton shoes sizing. Most buyers report that they can feel comfortable by wearing sized-up shoes. Tight Peloton brand shoes will distort your blood flow around your feet, especially when you are cycling. Some of you may be worried about getting an uncomfortable feeling about wearing loose shoes. You don’t have to worry about this issue. Peloton shoes cater to half-size increments. It means that you can find any intermediate sizes between any size clusters.

Should You Size Up in Cycling Shoes?

Finding the right shoe size is very important to help you get the most benefits of this cycling shoe. Too large shoes may feel uncomfortable for you and they can cause your leg muscles to overcompensate. When this situation occurs for a long time, it may lead to poor energy utilization. If you have wide feet, you can consider sizing up your Peloton shoes, so you can feel comfortable with these shoes. You can use your finger for checking the room between the heel of the feet and the shoe. If you cannot stick the finger between the heel and the shoe, you can consider sizing up for getting a comfortable experience.

Should Spin Shoes Be Tight?

No, they should never be too tight, otherwise, they can cause injury on your feet. Proper spin shoes should meet some criteria, for example, have a little too much room, they should hold the forefoot stable, they should be snug in the heel, they should never fold on the specific areas on the outer area of your shoes, they should make your feet feel stable and also in the neutral position, they should never bend toward either right or left side, They also have the ball of your foot lying on the right portion of your shoe, etc.

Do Peloton Shoes Stretch?

Peloton shoes don’t stretch well because they are made of stiff leather. It means that they can break when you wear unfit shoes for a long time. When you feel that your shoes are too small, you shouldn’t wait for them to break in. It is recommended for you to go for a size up whenever you feel uncomfortable with the shape of your shoes. Don’t forget to measure the overall size of your feet before you decide to buy the best Peloton shoes for your needs.

Should I Size Up or Down for Peloton Shoes?

Most people consider sizing up for getting the most comfortable level with their Peloton shoes. It is important for you to know that you cannot wear tight shoes because they can lead to injury and also discomfort feeling. Peloton shoes are created with half-size increments, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right size for your feet.

It is recommended for you to find the right feet measurement accurately, so you can decide if you can size up or size down for your Peloton shoes. Individuals with standard and also semi narrow feet can get the right fit, while other people can choose to size up or down based on their needs.

For cycling shoes, you do not require additional space at the front of your toes like that with regular shoes . This is usually the case with running shoes as you need extra space to prevent yourself from getting injured. It is good enough just to have a few millimeters between the inner surface of the cycling shoe and the front of your largest toe.

Do You Have to Break in Peloton Shoes?

Actually, you don’t need to break in the Peloton shoes because they are designed to compress your foot into one fixed position. This design is used to create better stability when you are doing the pedal stroke. The upper position of the Peloton shoe will be rigid and secure. The cycling shoes are usually designed with some strong materials, such as nylon, plastic, and also carbon components. They are not designed to stretch and also break in. All of those materials are used to make your feet more stable inside the shoes.

Can You Try on Peloton Shoes in the Store?

Yes, you are allowed to try the Peloton shoes that you want to buy. When you visit any of Peloton’s stores, you can try the Peloton shoe. There are more than 80 stores that are available around the US, Canada, and Europe. It is recommended for you to try the Peloton shoes before you decide to buy the right size for your needs. If you cannot find any Peloton showrooms around your location, you can walk into any of your favorite cycling stores. In this store, you can find any popular cycling shoes that will fit with your Peloton bike.

Should My Toes Touch the End of My Shoes?

It is not necessarily true that your toes need to touch the end of your shoes. When your toes touch the end of your shoes, you will feel uncomfortable with your shoes. We suggest that you have at least half inches space at the toe end. This space will create a comfortable feeling for you when you are using any of your favorite shoes.

This space is also safe enough to keep your nail pressure safe and free at the end of your Peloton shoes. When biking your bicycle, you have to wear a comfortable outfit, including your comfortable shoes to enjoy the overall cycling experience you have.

What Should I Do if I Have Already Bought a Bit Bigger or Wider Shoes?

This situation may occur at any time. When you have already bought a bit wider or bigger shoes, you should never have to worry at all. We suggest you buy thick socks for getting rid of this issue. It will help you wear your big or wide shoes without having to feel uncomfortable. If you don’t have a budget issue, you always have an option to buy another pair of Peloton shoes that will match the overall size of your feet. The right size of the Peloton shoes will make you feel comfortable when wearing these shoes.

When Should I Replace My Peloton Shoes?

Generally speaking, you don’t need to replace your Peloton shoes until these shoes start to wear out. Most customers claim that they are able to wear their Peloton shoes for a long time. As long as you use these shoes only for the Peloton classes, you should be able to wear these shoes for a long time. It is important for you to avoid walking on abrasive surfaces when wearing these Peloton shoes. Don’t forget to keep the shoes clean, so they can last for a long time.

Kids Peloton Bike Shoes

Many people are interested in finding the best bike shoes for their kids. When you take a look on the market, you can find many different types of kids’ Peloton shoes sizing. Here is a guide for you, so you can choose the right size for your kid’s Peloton bike shoes. You can compare the size of the shoe to the size of the women’s shoe.

Young or Big Kid Shoe SizeWomen’s Shoe Size
Kids Peloton Bike Shoes

Basically, you can get the result by substracting two from the regular women’s size for getting the youth shoe size. It can be a simple calculation that you can use for finding the right kids’ shoe size. Another fun fact that you need to know is that youth-size shoes are usually cheaper than adult shoes for regular or everyday shoes.

How Much Do Peloton Shoes Cost?

Peloton Shoes Cost

If you are going to buy any cycling shoes from the Peloton brand, you will spend about $100 for enjoying the best shoes from the Peloton. Other brands also have cycling shoes that are ranging from $75 to $300 depending on the models and styles. Investing in good cycling shoes will bring a great experience for you when you want to enjoy your cycling activity. It is a good idea for you to follow the social media accounts from Peloton. They may offer additional discounts or offers for you who want to buy the best cycling shoes from them.

Comparison With Other Manufacturers

Peloton bikes do not demand that you necessarily use peloton brand shoes, you also can use other peloton compatible shoes from different brands.

When you take a look at the market, you can find a lot of types of shoes that are available today. Different cycling shoes may be offered at different prices. They may also have different features and benefits for the users. In this section, we are going to compare Peloton shoes with the cycling shoes from the other manufacturers.

Will Any Cycling Shoes Fit the Peloton?

You need to know that the road cycling shoes will be the only choices for you who want to use Peloton. Peloton bike is using Delta 3 pcs clipped pedals. These pedals allow you to clip in the shoes, so you can generate more power when using your bike. 

Delta 3 pcs clipped

The delta cleats are made with a wide area. The Peloton shoes are specially designed to be suitable for being used with the Peloton bike. Most road cycling shoes have Delta cleats on, so they will be good for supporting your Peloton biking activity.

Peloton Brand Shoes vs Nike Superrep Sizing

Nike Superrep

One of the most popular Peloton Bike brands is the Nike Superrep. They also have Peloton shoes that are more breathable than the branded Peloton shoes. Their shoes are made from soft mesh fabric material. On the upper side of their shoes, they have a single Velcro strap that is wrapped diagonally, in order to offer a comfortable and snug fit around your feet. Nike Superrep shoes come in half sizes for both women and men. 

Nike Superrep shoes also have narrow shapes. If you have standard and also wide feet, you can consider sizing up. Both Peloton and Nike shoes are made from the best materials that can last for a long time.

Peloton Shoes vs Shimano Sizing


This is another comparison that you can take a look at. Shimano shoes are made from soft and breathable mesh that comes with leather overlays. They can offer a comfortable and also supportive fit for the users. 

When they are compared to the Peloton brand shoes, the Shimano brand shoes can accommodate a wide variety of foot sizes. They come in half sizes compared to the size offered by the Peloton. They have a weird sizing option, so it is difficult to compare the Peloton and Shimano shoes sizing. Before you buy the Shimano shoes, you can visit their website for finding their sizing chart.

Peloton Shoes vs Venzo Indoor Cycling Shoes Sizing  

Velzo shoes

Some people want to compare the Peloton shoes with the Venzo indoor cycling shoes. Venzo is considered the best seller shoe brand on Amazon. They have three Velcro straps that are installed around the shoe for a secure fit.

Venzo shoes come in half sizes for both women and men. Some users of Venzo say that the Velzo shoes run a bit larger than the other shoes. However, the shoes are still pretty comfortable for the users. Many people love using any Venzo cycling shoes. They feel that the shoes primarily run true to size for most users. 


Are Peloton shoes made to be true to size? After you read the whole article here, you understand that the Peloton shoe sizing will be true if you have semi-narrow or standard feet. It still depends on many factors, including the user’s preferences. Some users can use the Peloton shoes that will be matching their normal shoe size, while some other users have to size down or up depending on their needs.

As long as your feet are comfortable when cycling and spinning workouts, you will be good with your shoes. Your shoes need to hug your feet completely for giving stability to your movement. Proper shoe sizing will serve you best when you do any of your favorite activities. 

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