Rockbros Bike Bag – Review Of The Budget ‎14L Saddlebag

If you’re looking to bike on a tight budget, The RockBros bike bag must be one of the bikes to consider. As of the date of this writing, it’s the biggest seat bag I’ve seen that costs less than 90 dollars.

Based on your bike’s setup and the terrain, you’ll be riding according to your riding style and bike setup. Depending on your bike setup and the terrain you ride, the RockBros bike bag could be the only one you’ll require. On the other hand, it could be an entrance bag, a bag you’ll use to figure out whether this biking is the right choice for you. At that point, you’ll need to upgrade. For the price, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of bicycle bags.

Main Features Of RockBros Bike Bag

Size / Capacity‎14 Liters
Material‎600D Nylon+Waterproof TPU Film
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎13 x 6 x 6 inches
Item Weight‎1 Pounds
Mounting Type‎Foldable
Strap Type‎Adjustable

Bike accessories are not the essential elements of cycling equipment, but you have to admit that they definitely improve the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of cycling. For example, what trip will be without a navigator because it needs a phone holder?

Its RockBros saddle bag can be described as among the best value options for a big bikepacking seat bag. It can accommodate 14 liters of equipment in a sturdy design. Large Capacity: Big room design is enough to store your daily riding items, such as cell phone, sunglasses, power bank, battery, gloves, energy gel, small mini pump repair kits, keys, wallet, and so on, with mesh compartments on two sides are designed to classified storage.

A few issues with sagging and loosening straps reduce my score, but we are still convinced that it’s an excellent entry-level bikepacking bag for people with a tight budget, especially when you have plenty of space between your seat and the rear tire and you don’t go on super technical trails with lots of bumps.

Pros and Pros and

Of course, there is no such thing as a product with only pluses. That’s why we tried to gather the pros and cons from customer reviews.

  • Value for the money.
  • Stable mount that has minimal side-to-side movement even with a full load.
  • Light and shock cord attachment points are handy features.
  • Large capacity
  • The straps that attach the seat rails to them can be loosened on rough terrain.
  • The bottom sags when it is with.
  • Buckles have been reported to break.

Design and Features

The RockBros seat bag is amazingly well-designed and well-equipped, especially given its price. The bag is attached to your saddle rails using two buckle straps. It also connects to your seat post using two velcro straps that are strong and sturdy. The seatpost attachment is equipped with an insert of foam that assists in providing stability. Here’s a closer look at the system of passion (the strap wrapping around the blue bag at the top is my creation):

The top is beautifully designed with shock cord netting to fill extra layers and many connection points to create the tail of light. Its roll closure is backed with velcro that keeps your belongings from spilling out when you leave it open for a few seconds.

The 14-liter capacity is more than the best seat bags. However, it appears funny and may be too heavy when packed up to the max, but the versatility will be loved on long trips.

Tire Clearance

How much space do you require? Officially, the RockBros seat bag will need 5 inches of seatpost exposed and 7-8 inches between the seat and rear tire.

Take a straight line from the seat’s back rails (where the bag will be attached) until the point where the vertical line meets the rear tire. If the distance is 7.5 inches or less, you’ll have to be mindful of how you pack the bag. Also, it would help if you tried to limit the amount of strap that sags on bumpy terrain. You can still use this bag in the clearance category, but it could require some fiddling.

How Do I Pack?

Basic bikepacking guidelines apply: place the heaviest items close to the attachment point and in the middle of the bicycle. A bag for seats can reduce side-to-side movement and possible effects on the bike’s handling.

Then, you pack all of your layers and other soft things into the middle, creating a firm mass to hold the bag in place throughout the transition from rigid bottom to not supported.

Then you pack a few oddities you may need to get to during the day. These include snacks that cannot fit on in the front and gloves, rain jackets, and gloves. If you require more capacity, you will often tie items to the top of the bag, close to the saddle. Make sure you secure them, so they don’t bounce off!

We want to share with you the experience of buyers interested in packaging.

Customers reviews

Check out these packing tips

Problems and Solutions

It’s a good product. RockBros bike bag is a good fit for its price, but it could be better. Three issues are highlighted, and suggestions on how to prevent or fix them.

Straps for loosening

Although the side-to-side stability is excellent, some users have had problems with the straps that pull through the saddle rails. They loosen over time, especially when riding over rough terrain. This is because they have no extra clearance between the tire and the base of the bag, and they must frequently stop to tighten the straps so the bag doesn’t touch the tire.

Solution #1

Straps for loosening

As shown in the picture below, you need to attach an extra strap to the side saddle rails and under the seatpost mount. This will help support the bag’s weight and take some of the load off the belts, so they stay tight enough.

Solution #2 – to loosen straps

Secure the straps on over the top that seems to create similar results:

Saggy The Bottom

Saggy The Bottom

The inside of the bag is only stiff for around half-length, which allows you to compress it to carry less weight. However, when you’ve packed it up to capacity, this leads to a point where the bag tends to swing to the side and downwards at the back. If there isn’t enough space between your bag and the tire, This will result in tire rub.


Place something stiff and thin in the bag’s bottom until the bag begins to stretch. It could be a camping sandal or perhaps a specially cut piece of cardboard or plastic. It can also help to store clothes or soft objects in a compact solid part before closing on the closure of the roll top.

Broken Buckles

Yes, this can happen if you have overloaded the bag or misdistributed the load. For example, you put the heaviest items at the end of the bag instead of at the seat.

My buckles are working well (knock on wood). However, I’ve had two other riders suffer from broken clips on the bag. The buckles are always on the straps that connect to the seat rails, which is why the method in the above paragraph on the right under “loosening straps” may assist.

If it happens to you on the trail, you can fix it quickly by looping a different strap or paracord, zip tie, and so on through the roll-top closure strap over the rail of your seat. However, there are other solutions for the long term.


Rockbros Waterproof

Is this RockBros bike bag waterproof? According to the manufacturer’s claims, yes, it is waterproof. However, we recommend that you protect your water-sensitive gear (warm layers, electronic equipment, sleeping bag) in plastic bags, no matter how waterproof these bags claim to be. For example, a small kitchen garbage bag packed in a saddlebag might be perfect.

Questions & Answers

What is RockBros?

RockBros is an active and prosperous manufacturer in the Asian market specializing in the production of bicycle accessories. Specialized production and rich company experience have made it possible to obtain products comparable to the quality of world manufacturers. All products on sale are carefully tested and checked for quality, design, and functionality by three-phase control.

The company adheres to the concept of providing affordable products for every consumer who loves cycling and healthy life, disseminating healthy cycling culture and focusing on the field of cycling equipment.

Will it damage the paint on the seatpost?

A foam pad placed on the mount area protects your bike’s paint from scratches. Ideal for mountain bikes and road bikes.

Are two straps enough?

As the reviews show, two straps are enough. However, much depends on the weight of the things you put in the bag.

Easy to clean?

When traveling, you will inevitably have to walk on muddy roads. You can clean the surface of the bag quickly and effectively. A 3 layer composite bike bag is waterproof. Innovative material was used to create this vast bike saddle bag to ensure that dirt and mud could be cleaned using a damp cloth.


To find a better alternative to the RockBros Bike Bag, you must try to research many other bags and reviews for them. We recommend you look at this bag: 

Rhinowalk Bicycle Saddle Bag.

Rhinowalk Bicycle Saddle Bag.

This bag has many positive reviews and is reasonably priced.


Undoubtedly, the choice of accessories for bicycles is a responsible question. Many people want to save money and get quality products simultaneously. The RockBros bag is a great storage option. Specialized production, and rich experience in creating accessories and spare parts for a bicycle, made it possible to obtain goods comparable in quality to the world’s best manufacturers. All RockBros products sold are designed and tested by professionals.

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