How do I fix a Peloton clicking noise? 5 Possible Reasons

The Peloton bikes provide you with the most comfort and highest performance. Although thrilling your Peloton bike may be, however, it could become annoying if it begins to make a click during or after the ride.

The clicking noise can be disturbing and extremely frustrating. So you may be wondering how do I fix a Peloton clicking noise?

Many reasons can trigger an annoying click sound on your Peloton bike. If you’re interested in knowing what you can do to fix a clicking noise in the Peloton bike, let us examine the most frequent causes and solutions.

Peloton clicking noise – 5 Possible Reasons

Here are the four most frequent reasons your car will make a clicking sound.

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Reason 1. Cleat Clips to the Paddles are Loose

One of the main issues that a peloton bicycle can make a clicking sound is because the cleats inside the bike pedals aren’t sufficiently tight. You may hear a clicking sound when they’re loose while you ride the bike.

This issue can be identified quickly because you’ll feel the shoes are loose and it’s uncomfortable. Check the right pedal separately and the left pedal separately.

Now, you must solve this issue. Therefore, you must learn which cleats to set on the peloton bike. The good news is that it’s not difficult at all.

When riding for some time, it could become very simple to clip the bike onto the road. If it becomes difficult to connect, you will increase the tension on the rear of the bike pedals to ensure a secure connection.

Here’s how to improve the tightness of your peloton cleats

  • The sole of your shoes includes three screw holes. Identify the holes first. After that, place each cleat in the holes.
  • Use a hex key with a diameter of 4mm for tightening screws.
  • Then, verify that the cleats are aligned correctly. The cleats need to be straight.

The issue should be resolved immediately. Over time, however, the screws could get looser, making the cleats move. If the cleats loosen again, there is a sound emanating out of the cleats.

Also, make sure you tighten the cleats regularly (e.g., once per month) for a peaceful ride.

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Reason 2. Your Bike is Not 100% Level.

Another reason that could be behind this is that it was difficult to position the bike in the right spot on the floor after moving the peloton up or simply from the room.

If your bike isn’t 100 percent level, you will hear the clicking sound as the bike may be able to tap up and down the floor.

Be sure all feet are level. You can also check the lock nuts on the feet and make sure those aren’t loose and tapping on things.

It is possible to hear the sound more clearly when your bike is on the floor instead of on the carpet. Also, ensure your bike’s feet are on the same level.

This is an extremely short video about how to fix the tilt of the Peloton cycle seat:

It would help if you also examined how tight locks on your feet are. They shouldn’t lose or tap on the things. Therefore, make sure to tighten the nuts.

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Peloton Bike Mat

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Stamina Fold To Fit Bike Mat

It is pre-defined with 12 folds, and you can increase the size as required. If not, you can fold the remaining portion. Similar to other peloton bikes, the material used is smooth, helping stabilize the bike and protect the flooring from scratches.

The biggest benefit you’ll get from placing it in your peloton is that it will stop your bike make an annoying ticking sound.

Reason 3. The Pedal is Broken at The Post

If you’re sure your bike is 100% level and your pedals are secure and placed correctly, but you still hear sound coming from the bottom of your bicycle, it could be that the pedal has been damaged on the post.

If your pedal is broken near the point, it is necessary to fix your crank first. Why?

Indeed, the damaged piece from the post for pedals is still within the arm of your crank. In this situation, you cannot remove the broken part with the wrench.

The next step is to pull the damaged post from the crank arm.

To get away then, you must know what you can do to change the crank arms of the peloton bicycle.

  • Use a screwdriver to remove the belt guard outside the peloton’s wheel.
  • You must take off three screws located on opposite sides, too.
  • Take off the bolt from the crank arm with an eight-millimeter Allen key.
  • It will now be simple to take off the crank arm. Just use a crank puller to do so.

After you’ve removed the key to the arm and arm key, you will be able to remove the damaged piece of the crank and then put the new pedals into it.

Reason 4. Bad Bearings

Sometimes, the wrong meanings of your peloton could cause a grinding or rubbing noise. It could start with clicking, but eventually, you’ll hear a loud noise instead of clicking.

To remove worn bearings, replace the ball bearings in the peloton.

  • Take off the crank arm in the manner previously described.
  • Get rid of the front belt by using a screwdriver.
  • Remove your sensor screws and the wire by using the help of a four-millimeter Allen key.
  • Remove the bolts from both sides of the flywheel.
  • Remove the flywheel from the frame of your bicycle.
  • Use a 5mm Allen key to loosen the screws on the hub and the bearings.
  • Then, replace the old bearings with new ones.

When any of the tricks above cannot solve what you are facing, contact peloton support first.

Reason 5. Unbalanced flywheel

It is considered the primary component of the Peloton bike due to its need to stand up to extreme pressure and weight, be precise in the generation of momentum, and have a smooth and consistent rotation throughout your training. If you notice that the equilibrium of your bike is disrupted, you’ll notice that certain parts are moving faster than others. For example, the erratic movement of the flywheel could cause a click when you exercise.

If you have an unbalanced flywheel, peloton owners recommend that you contact a peloton service center right away. They have contacted Peloton regarding this issue.

Maintainance of Peloton Bike

It’s costly, and you will need to put heavily in it, so don’t allow it to expire too early. Instead of trying to prolong its lifespan and utilize it with care. Here are some tips you can follow to maintain it.

Fine Setting

The first and most essential aspect is to be able to set the Peloton bike in the right way. There are many aspects you need to know in your mind. For instance, it comes with the ability to level feet and must be balanced.

Also, ensure you’ve put the mat in the correct place, and there isn’t a fold within it. Also, you should make sure you adjust the height of your seat carefully, and the most important aspect is to adjust the height of the handlebars because when they are too short, it puts more stress on the handlebars.

Also, check the bolts regularly. If any or more is loose, ensure you tighten it as soon as possible.

Regular Break Check-up

Fix The Broken Parts. There is a peloton knob that is its brake. We are aware of its function. Some people think brakes aren’t necessary for cycling; however, we are indoor cyclists, and there is no need for brakes.

However, brakes are vital and can help you often in times of emergency. Therefore, you must determine whether they’re functioning or not. If they are not functioning, consult a professional to examine the brakes and fix them as quickly as possible.

Check-up Brake Frame

It’s impossible to view its internal components, but the outer ones are easy to see, so you should check them every once in 15 days. You should look at the bike’s features and see any broken or damaged parts or scratches.

If you notice something odd or in any other area, you should contact the technician for assistance and request him to fix it. If you leave it unresolved, the result could be extremely drastic.

Lubricate it Regularly

While working, many parts are in contact with one another, and if the air is dry and contact is very rough, it is created, causing friction, and we hear an odd sound.

Additionally, due to the dryness in the air, the performance of parts of the peloton also diminishes. This is why it is necessary to oil its chain frequently. In the same way, other components like the pedal and handlebars are also required to be lubricated as they get too dry.

Buy premium grease recommended by experts since when we use inferior oils, they provide very little value, and components are severely damaged.

Use Original Replacements

If you ever have to get rid of a component on your Peloton bike and you’re planning to put a new part on it. Please do not remove it off any bike in the local area; instead, purchase the original parts from the firm designed specifically to fit the Peloton bicycle and put it in place to prolong the lifespan of your bike.

Clean The Peloton

Cleanliness is the most important factor in extending the life of the peloton. Therefore we must keep it clean. Make sure to use top-quality sprays and wipes to clean the different components. Also, wash the screen with a cloth.

It is possible to clean the handlebars and seats by spraying them directly and afterward gently rub the area with a clean wipe. However, the peloton’s front wheel is not to be sprayed directly or wiped. Instead, use a small, dry fabric and apply it over the rear wheel. Please don’t use any spray that has harmful chemicals to clean it.

Replace Pedals Annually

The bike’s pedals wear out after about a year, and it is time for the task of replacing them to get brand new ones. When we wait to replace them, other issues worsen, and you’ll not be able to enjoy your workout. So, it would help if you replaced them each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wear shoes on the Peloton bike? Does it affect the paddles?

Yes, you can. If you have Toe cages for your bike, you can wear sneakers, which won’t damage your bike.

When do I know I must change the entire Peloton bike?

If any of the methods mentioned above aren’t able to solve the problem you’re experiencing, call Peloton Support first. If they cannot work with the issue that you are experiencing and you need to get a new bike, you must replace it.

Are all the components of your peloton covered by warranty?

Yes, the bikes of Peloton have a one-year guarantee, and each part of the bike comes under the warranty. If you scratch your pedals, Peloton will give you a replacement for free.

What if I sense that the sound of clicking has a connection with the belt spinning on my bicycle?

Please don’t be concerned about it. Just give it ten times, and it will instantly disappear.

Final words

Now, we’re discussing the causes and solutions for ‘Peloton making a clicking noise. You’ve probably found the answer and know how to fix the cost of your peloton bike.

All bolts are meant to remain in place, so be sure they are. Clean the bike, maintain it, and operate your bike regularly, and you’ll enjoy the ride with Peloton.

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